2016 – A reflection

Good Evening,

I have been contemplating a way of getting my thoughts and feelings out and on one hand I had thought about starting a diary, but the likely hood of me writing in that every single day, is slim and if I’m being honest, a diary isn’t really my style. So after much deliberation, I settled on the idea of writing a blog. A place that would be mine, for me to write about whats happening, how I’m feeling, share photos, and anything else that comes to my mind. I don’t know where this blog will go, if it will go anywhere, if I will keep it up or if I will give it up after a month, but honestly I want to try, and I think, at this stage of my life, a project like this is exactly what I need.

So, to kick things off, lets have a very brief recap of my 2016;

2016, was a tough year for me, or at least it started that way. I have been ill, for the past, well its going on two years. I have had hospital appointments, tests, examinations, the works, and yet, despite all this, I am no closer to an answer about my illness. I have lost an absurd amount of weight due to this, dropping from a UK 16/18 at the start of the year, to a UK 8/10 as I type this out. Its been drastic, unplanned, and probably not healthy by any means, although, I am now apparently at my idea weight. The illness has caused this year to be a slow one, I shut myself away, keeping only a few people close to me, I rarely ventured out of my flat, I didn’t want to be any where else, I ruined my own social life, and became a scared, shell of my former self. This illness essentially consumed me over this past year, until the final few months, when a friendship I had maintained, blossomed into a romance, and a wonderful one. I am slowly regaining my confidence, and am starting to push myself to do more, and see more, which is my main goal for 2017 (but we will touch on that next time).

Aside from the illness, not much really happened in the beginning of the year, my year has pretty much been work, work and not much play. Until around October, when all that hard work paid off and I was offered a promotion, around that same time, my friendship blossomed into a new romance. Balancing those two new things and my illness proved to be a huge struggle, but some how, we found our feet and I have to admit, December was amazing, and we had the best time, we even went ice skating, which was so sweet and romantic. This past month has almost proven to me that its okay to be happy, and I have started to push past my illness,which still dominates my life but I’m improving!

I ended 2016 being the happiest I have been in such a long time, I happy with my relationship and where things are going, I am happy with my job, and how things are going with that, there are still things I want to change, and 2017 is defiantly the year I will be changing these things. I have high hopes for 2017, but I will keep you up to date with how that goes.

So there we go, Illnesses, romance and promotions. My 2016, in a nutshell.

Talk to you soon! 

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