Kezza Goes Blonde – Part 3

Good Evening.. Well.. Night, since its 23:32 as I’m writing this.

Today was a pretty exciting day as I went back to the hairdressers to get “more blonde”. I actually sat in the chair and told my stylist exactly that when she asked what I wanted.

I made the decision to go blonde a few months ago, and in that time I have had the red dye stripped out, leaving me with a dark orange ginger hair colour, I then went back a few weeks later to have it bleached again, which left me with a brighter but still mildly orange hair colour but now..

Because third time is always the charm, I am BLONDE!

It’s weird for me to be honest because I am a natural brunette, and a relatively deep brunette at that, but myself, my stylist and my boyfriend all really like and think it suits me.

After the appointment my boyfriend and I went shopping to our local shopping center for an hour, managed to pick up a couple of things that I wanted however apparently, my dress size is the most popular size and I struggled to find anything in my size! But the makeup items I needed I managed to purchase so it wasn’t a wasted trip.

To be honest, other than today, this weekend has been pretty uneventful, just work, work.. and a smidge more work so I haven’t had anything to write about.. my day has consisted of, getting up, going to work, coming home, having a bath, a coffee and going to sleep.. such eventful!

However, tomorrow my boyfriend and I are planning a romantic walk with his puppy and I will be taking my camera, and then he is staying over (not with the puppy, I’m not allowed pets in my building *Sad face* so the puppy will be going home to my boyfriends parents house) then Thursday is Tattoo Day!

So look forward to the next few posts, which may even include some photos.. imagine that, a blog post that isn’t all words? Aha That would be the day!

That’s it for today, just a quick update about the past weekend and today’s hair adventures!

Talk to you soon

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