Tattoos, Late Night Betting and Weather Warnings!

Good Evening!

So I mentioned in my last post that my boyfriend and I were planning to go for a romantic walk yesterday, however, the weather had other plans for us. The wind here in the UK was pretty horrific, I live in a top floor flat and the whole roof rattles during even mild wind, but this was so much worse! I woke up in a panic at 4am because of the noise, managed to get a few more hours sleep but woke up again at 8am and just got out of bed and got on with my day. I checked the weather when I woke up and the UK met office had issued warnings for extreme wind and THUNDERSNOW! Now, I don’t think I have ever experienced THUNDERSNOW before in my 24 years, and I still haven’t but I will keep you all informed on the progress and whether we actually get the THUNDERSNOW! My boyfriend came round that evening and we got cuddled up on the sofa and due to my level of tiredness we took a little nap.

After the nap, and several hours playing Fallout 4 and talking about cars, my boyfriend started looking at the football odds so he could place a bet, I then asked if I could use a pound and put a bet on. We talked for ages about the whole thing, checking the league tables, past games and everything, by the time I had actually placed the bet.. it was 1am, and my alarm was set for 9am. The bet I placed has a potential return of £600 if all five teams win! I think one team will let me down though.. But I will let you all know what happens.

I woke up at 9am and I’m not going to lie, I was not in any fit state to be awake at that time, I needed much more sleep than I had actually had but due to my 12pm appointment I needed to be up and ready.

After doing my hair and makeup, I made my boyfriend a coffee and went to wake him up. We chatted for about an hour before he had to get up and get ready to take me to my appointment. I think it was around this point at about 11:15 that I realised I was heading out to get tattooed, again. It’s funny how I have been tattooed many times and yet I still get nervous.

The tattoo I was booked in for was a dagger and some filler to finish off my half sleeve that I started in October. I had already sat for 6 hours and by the time I got out of the chair today, it had been another 4 hours, so 10 hours in total, and my tattoo is finished. It cost more than I had anticipated so I am now officially skint, however, I am beyond happy with the results so I can handle the skint-ness for next 19 days!

Oddly enough, even though I had one “in progress” I had been planning my next tattoo for months so fingers crossed, by April I will be booked in again for my next one! Although I will admit I am not in any rush, I have things I need to save for and that takes priority over my tattoos.

Anyway, I think that pretty much sums up my weekend. My boyfriend has gone home now which is pretty gutting, he makes me so happy and its weird when he isn’t here, its like theres a void that cant be filled.. which sounds dramatic but thats how it is.

I should really get myself off to bed considering my alarm is set for 4am.. it should be illegal to get up that early but hey.. that’s what happens when you have a job to do. (I should seriously book some time off.. Roll on April when out holiday balances renew). So yeah..

Good night everyone! 
Talk to you soon

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