An Hour In Wales And A Disappointing Zoo

Good Evening,

Today I want to share a few photos from an amazing road trip my boyfriend and I embarked on yesterday. This trip was one we had sort of planned a few weeks back, but the location changed only a few days prior to us actually getting in the car.

My boyfriend had his car booked in for some work on wednesday so we decided when he made the appointment that we would take the car out for a proper spin when the work was complete, originally we had discussed a trip to Whitby which is about 2 hours from where we live, however my boyfriend then suggested we go to Wales which is also about 2 hours away. In the end that changed to a flying visit to Wales, and a trip to Chester Zoo.

We set off super early and saw the sunrise over the Peak District. We talked and talked, we laughed at silly little things and I had the best time just sitting in the passenger side, watching him, watching his gorgeous face concentrate on driving. Every so often I would see his eye flick my way and then back to the road and a smile erupt over his face and he realised I was staring at him.

Arriving in Wales was very special for me because in 24 years, I have never been, and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turns out, Wales is just like England, but their signs are different. That’s it! We drove past a Matalan and I exclaimed “They have a Matalan!” and my boyfriend glanced over and said “Yeah, they have many of the same shops, what did you expect?!” The truth is, I wasn’t sure.. what’s funnier is that I grew up going to Scotland every summer, and know that they have the same places that we have, and yet I expected Wales to some how be different. I, am not a smart cookie sometimes. We travelled to a place called Rhyl, which is a little seaside resort on the north coast of Wales, and my goodness is it beautiful, and surprisingly affordable. We found a carpark right on the sea front that was practically empty apart from maybe four or five cars, and I got out to put money in the machine to get a ticket, £1 for four hours parking.. Bargain!

The beach itself is beautiful, like honestly, beautiful. It had been years since I last stepped foot on a beach, and despite being just 5 degrees, I loved it.

Here are just a few photos taken on the beach..

We will 100% be returning to the beautiful town when the weather picks up a bit as it was very cold and was like a ghost town when we visited and I’m very curious to experience it when its a little more busy.

Chester zoo on the other hand, was a huge disappointment. The zoo is around a 40 minute drive from the beach we visited, and on arrival we actually thought it was closed because there was hardly anyone in the car park. We got a space right outside the entrance which, usually you have to get there super early, and was like 11am when we arrived. I had looked online the day before and was aware that the Boatride aspect of the zoo was closed for maintenance but when we got to the desk to pay for our entry, the lady explain to us that basically half the zoo was closed, including, and this is the most disappointing part.. The Elephant house.

Now, something you should probably understand is that, elephants are far and away my favourite animals and one of the main reasons we drove 2 hours to a zoo, instead of just going to the one half an hour away.

Honestly if it wasnt for the fact we had driven so far out of our way, I would have gone home straight away, however we had driven so we gave it a go, and it was so disappointing. I think I will return at a later date and give the zoo a second chance, but I will definetly phone in advance and make sure the elephant house is open!

Anyway, I think thats it for this post..

Talk to you soon


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