January – A Review

Good Evening, Night, or Morning!

I’ve been trying to write this for like 5 days and just haven’t found the motivation to sit and write, I started writing this at like 00:50, despite the fact I would be waking up for work at 9am, however my tiredness got the better of me and I am continuing on at 10:04 the next day…

January was a bit of a whirlwind for me. It actually started with a really grumpy night alone. I had to be up for work at like 6am and I was laid in bed texting my now boyfriend, and he told me to go to bed and get some sleep, which I attempted but at around midnight, what felt like my whole street decided to set off fireworks and started screaming “HAPPY NEW YEAR” so I laid there, alone in bed.. angry at the inconsiderate people across the road (I realise it was the new year and people are allowed to celebrate but still…) The first few weeks were more of less just work, work, did I mention work? Nothing really exciting or noteworthy took place. But lets take a look at the rest of the month.

Mid month was amazing, I got a boyfriend, which I wrote about before it was a pivotal moment in the month of January and I feel the need to update you guys. Things are still going well and we are actually planning a weekend away together in June, which is forever away but we are seriously looking into it, its weird because I never pictured myself as someone who could forward plan like that, especially in a realtionshippy sense. I’m such a naturally negative person that I instantly see the worst, so forward planning is very difficult because I cant ever picture something lasting that long, that make sense? But he makes me want to be that kind of person, if I’m being perfectly honest, I am so happy with him, I’m so happy because of him and I don’t want this feeling of blissful happiness to end.

I got answers about my illness, which hasn’t changed my illness, but knowing what it is actually helps me to deal with it, by giving it a name its taken away the frustration and allowed me to accept that this is my life now and I am going to be like this for a very long time. This part of it sucks, knowing that it with either correct itself, or it wont, but I think some of the fear has been removed from the situation and its freed me up slightly to move on a bit more with my life and start to push myself to do new and exciting things.

I went to Wales, this kinda backs up the previous point about how I am now able to push myself to do new things, I talked a lot about the trip in my last post, but its something that, whilst to those of you reading this it probably doesnt seem like a big thing, you know driving (well, sitting in a car whilst your boyfriend drives) two hours across the country, into a different one to go to a beach, but for me its a huge achievement, and a huge step forward, and one that I am incredibly proud of.

I got my secondment extended.. So back in November I was given the opportunity to become a secondment team leader at the company I work for, it was for four months and I was set some challenges to hit.My secondment was due to end of Feb 6th, and by Jan 27th, I still hadn’t heard anything and I was getting very nervous and anxious to find out what was happening.  After stamping my feet a bit more than I probably should have, my manager took me for a meeting to explain what was happening to me and my job and he explained to me then that I was getting my secondment extended for another 3 months when it will then get reviewed again. At the point of my next review, depending on how well i am doing there’s a chance I could get it permanently

Lastly this month was filled with baking. I think I am starting to really get the hang of it and am starting to be able to try new and exciting recipes. The team leaders that work on my shift with me have been asking for baked goods from me so every two weeks or so and seriously enjoying them, leading to them asking every weekend “you baking this week Kezza?”I have made, chocolate orange cookies, Jammie Dodger cupcakes, Mint Chocolate Cupcakes and last weekend I made two different types of cupcakes out of one batch, and some creme egg brownies, now the cupcakes were bang on, fluffy but firm with amazing buttercream. As for the brownies, well, the brownie part was amazing, just the way a brownie should be, but the creme eggs were less good, the fondant centre kinda crystallizes and becomes kinda just icky, so would I bake again? Absolutely, but without the creme egg!

Cupcakes and brownies, is there a more delicious sight?

I think thats about it for January – baking, travelling, jobs and boyfriends.

It was a great month, one I would be happy to repeat and one that has kinda backed up my mums little prophecy that “this will be your year

Heres hoping!

Talk to you soon



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