Cozy Weekend Away From Work

Good Evening,

I hope you are all doing well tonight. Today has been a productive but slow day, I have cleared out my bedroom, reorganised my furniture, had a new mattress and bedding delivered, remade my bed, tidied all the mess, made brownies for my boyfriend AND managed to have a nap! Phew! So yeah, I woke up at 8am and its just been a very, very long, slow day..

This weekend in general has been pretty slow to be honest, but in an amazing way. So I work weekends, every weekend, and thats fine, I chose to work this shift, I love my shift, and I wouldn’t be where I am in life if I had chosen a different shift, however, I had booked Sunday and Monday off to use up the last of my holiday days before the new year (holiday days run April to April) and I was like “this is it, no work, no emails, no group chat, no nothing”

My boyfriend came round for dinner on Sunday and I made us a full on Sunday dinner because working stupid hours on a Sunday means neither of us had enjoyed a Sunday roast in years, so since we both had the day off together (we had both Sunday and Monday off together) I thought I would treat us.

After dinner we just curled up together and chatted about Video Games and just chilled out together, at one point he started talking about work and I was just going “mhmm, mhmm, yeah” at him until he realised and looked at me and I just looked him in the eye and went “I’m on holiday, Im not getting involved” He agreed and was like “yeah good point” and pulled my tighter.

He went home, because neither of us knew whether he was staying the night, I thought he was, he thought he wasnt so because he hadnt brought a change of clothes or anything I drove him home.

He came back again on Monday, and we took his little puppy to meet my mum to cheer her up and the little furball put the biggest smile on her face with his intense cuteness. After about an hour with my mum we took the puppy home, and then went back to mine and I cooked bacon cheese burgers for us, then we got cozy on the sofa and he reintroduced me to World Of Warcraft, which made me oddly happy.

Its been years since I last played and I have wanted to return to Azeroth for such a long time, but I missed two expansions and I basically played the Pandaria expansion to the top level and that was it. I didn’t gear up, I didn’t getting any reputation with any of the factions.. I didn’t even get the serpent mounts and literally everyone got those but sitting there with him playing WoW made me so happy and I just enjoyed being with him, no pressure, no stress, no work, just chilling with boy.

Honestly thought, I’m not sure where I was going with this post and I should probably start reading these posts back before I post them but tonight, I am beyond sleepy so I will have to take that up on the next post.

I think if you take anything from this post it would be to take the time to just do nothing with the people you love, don’t make plans, don’t worry about work, or whats happening in the world, just take time to be together.

Talk to you soon

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