My boyfriends Birthday and Getting Contact Lenses?!

Hello Everyone!

Long time no post, My apologies for that. I have full on been neglecting this blog and I want to change that however I haven’t really had anything to write about.. my life has been work, work, work, and a mild amount of play, however that play time has involved being glued to Horizon Zero Dawn (which is epic, but not blog worthy).These past couple of days however have actually been good enough to write about.

So Monday was my boyfriends birthday, we both worked Sunday but had planned to spend the night together and then go out for dinner on Monday evening as we had both booked the day off to celebrate. Sunday happens to be my mums Birthday so he dropped me off at home, I popped up to my mums with some flowers and a bottle of Gin (her favorite) and then I drove through and picked up my boy and brought him back to mine. We spent a couple of hours playing Horizon then went out to get a pizza, because we had both been up since like 4am we were shattered so after pizza I think we lasted about an hour before it was bed time.

The next day we woke up and had a very very lazy start to the day, as I mentioned I had booked a table at a restaurant that does like Barbecue style food and burgers. We were both pretty excited, my boyfriend had been before but I haven’t (they have a burger with mac and cheese on it! I was so excited) however as I was doing my makeup, I got a phone call from the restaurant saying that they had some issues and had had to close the restaurant. Once I had gotten ready I sat with my boyfriend and we tried to find somewhere else to go instead, we settled on a very highly reviewed Indian Restaurant that is across the road from one of the pubs where we usually go for dinner.

I have to admit the food there was incredible, as was the service from the staff. We started with some poppadoms and a pickle tray, then I had the Chicken Tikka Biryani and my boyfriend had the Chicken Tikka Marsala. After food we walked across the road to the pub, got a couple of pints (one non alcoholic) found a comfy space and cuddled up to watch the football match that was on. After two pints it was time to call it a night and take my boyfriend home.

Pints and football, bliss!

On Tuesday morning I woke up super early because I had an appointment to collect my contact lenses. I had been for my eyes testing and a consultation type thing a few weeks ago but because of my prescription they didn’t have any in stock, so I had to wait.

I arrived at the opticians early because… I couldn’t remember what time my appointment was. They took me into a room and presented my with my contact lenses, after a brief “this is how you do it” I was practicing getting them in and out, and after a few tries, I had to get the looked at, just to make sure they fitted over my iris and stuff correctly, and then I was on my way home.

Now I will say the drive home was a bit more difficult than it needed to be due to the fact that my eyes hadn’t fully adjusted to the lenses. I’m only allowed to wear them for  couple hours a day, I get to add an extra hour each day up to 8 hours, however the optician woman said I can wear them for my entire shift of work which is 10.5 hours so that’s good at least.

I’m still getting used to them but I’m noticing some issues focusing up close, which I don’t have when I wear my glasses, but its only day two so I will keep updating you guys on the progress.

They did say that these lenses might not be right for me and I can try some others if these don’t work for me, and don’t make my vision clear enough which I will definitely try if these aren’t right, but for now, I think its about getting my eyes used to them. I will say that my long distance sight is pretty great, its weird being able to see so far away without my glasses, but I don’t want to compromise my short distance sight.

Anyway I think that about sums everything up, I hope your all doing well. Do any of you guys have contacts? if so how do you find them?

Talk to you soon!

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