January 2018



Welcome back to Kezzabean14.. long time no write on here. I wanted to come on here and write a quick update to get back into the swing of writing.

Currently I am curled up on the sofa feeling very emotional and sorry for myself. I mentioned on here previously that I have an issue with my stomach, and that is something that I still have, and I still struggle with it every day of my life. I was doing better, or I thought I was at least but this past week has been really hard for me. I am actually off work sick for this first time in probably four years and that in itself is not making me feel any better and I know that I am stronger than my illness but for now, it feels like it has won.
I feel drained and emotional, I am in so much pain and have consumed more painkillers than physical food this week and I realise that is not a good thing but at the minute that is how it has to be I guess. But that is enough about that.

So, January..

I moved in with my boyfriend! 

That is the main thing that happened in January 2018, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary in our own home (a rented home, but still, its home)

We actually booked a week off work to move in and honestly I felt like I worked harder on my week off than I actually do at work! I got back to work and people were like “oh did you enjoy your time off?” like, yeah I did but it didn’t really feel like a week off in the typical sense. We built a lot of IKEA furniture that week and I sliced my finger open within 1 hour of moving into the house.

Master Bedroom? Oooh Yeah!

Up until the final week, January had actually been wonderful. Moving in with Ben had been such a big step for me, but it is one that I am over the moon with. We started discussing it back in October I think, because my lease was due to end in February so we talked about the possibility of us getting our own place together and oh boy did we find a good one!

I absolutely love this house, and I actually feel really privileged to be able to call this place home. Honestly being able to fall asleep next to Ben every night is the most amazing feeling, anyone else in a relationship feel this way? It’s absolute bliss.

We’re really lucky that the estate we have moved to is right by a lake so we have the opportunity to take long walks together with the puppy, Ben can take his drone and fly it over head and I can take my camera so I’m sure you can expect plenty of pictures from the lake in the spring when there are more flowers and ducklings out and about.

So that’s it, that was January, just a month of moving house, sorting out paper work, and cleaning my previous property so that I could hand the keys back in. I still have a boot full of junk that needs bringing into the house that I think Ben is going to sort when he gets in from work which makes me happy. I’ll be glad to have him back at home because I miss him.

That’s it for today I think!

How was your January?

Talk to you soon!

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