A Productive Day


Out of the past three weeks I honestly think yesterday was the most productive day I have had.


It started with a early start due to a doctors appointment at 9:30 that my mum came along to because I like the moral support, we were there for like 20 minutes and I was referred back to the specialist which is great. I then asked my mum if she wanted to go to the local shopping centre which she was on board with so I was happy with that. I had to drive because my mum is like, the least confident driver I have ever met.

We arrived at the shopping centre at like 10:15 and spent about 2 hours just walking around the shops, looking at things and talking. Its been a while since me and my mum have really spent time together so it was lovely to just talk and hang out. I bought us doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, and then we stopped for a Starbucks on our way out because I refuse to drive all that way and not get a Starbucks and we made our way back home. I dropped my mum off at home, she took her doughnut with her so she could enjoy it with a cup of tea and no doubt some Jeremy Kyle and then I took myself home.

When I got home I washed the dishes from the night before and I don’t know what came over me but I transformed into a domestic cleaning machine! Between 12:30 and 3pm when my boyfriend came home from work I had deep cleaned the kitchen, done two loads of laundry, cleaned all three bathrooms (1 downstairs toilet, 1 bathroom and 1 en-suite shower room) tidied up in the living room, cleaned and organised my boyfriends computer table, dusted the bookshelves and put away any remaining stuff from when we moved in.

My boyfriend walked through the door and after saying hello and having a quick chat I told him we needed to go out and buy a shoe rack because I was sick of having shoes lined up in the hallway, so he was like “yeah that’s fine” and off we went to find one.

When we got back from the Shoe Rack hunt, I put the oven on to preheat ready for dinner, put a third load of laundry in and then got to work building my new shoe rack. To be fair I ended up with a shelving unit because we couldn’t find an actual shoe rack but I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!


It fits perfectly in the hallway and fits all our shoes (except for my wellies which I only have because the lake is muddy AF after the rain hence how dirty some of the shoes are) The gap on the bottom shelf is usually full but my boyfriend obviously needed his shoes for work.

After I had built the shelves, I cleaned up the mess I made, put the laundry into the dryer and put the dinner in. I then curled up on the sofa and played video games with my boyfriend until bedtime.

It was actually such a good day and I feel so good and proud of myself for being productive and getting stuff done.


Talk to you soon!

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