It Snowed!


Currently England is being hit by what is being affectionately known as “The Beast From The East” which means we are getting snow and its freezing and the wind has an Arctic Chill to it. As I write this at 15:43 it is -4.

Minus 4! In the middle of the day!

That might not sound too cold to some of you, I know Romania gets like -18 in the winter time, but for us in England, -4 during the day.. is cold!

I think a lot of people have really strong feelings about snow, its like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it.

I both love and absolutely despise the snow. The photographer in me adores it, everything for the first like 2 days looks so beautiful, but only when the snow is fresh and powdery, after that when its been walked in and things like that it looks naff.
The rest of me just hates it. England is crap in the snow, everything falls apart, everything gets put on hold, people start to panic, and you just cant do the things you either A) need or B) want. Also I feel like I spend the vast majority of my time panicking about everything. My boyfriend went to work earlier and I made him text me to let me know he had got there okay. On a normal day I just leave him to it because I trust him and his ability to drive, but today, because it has snowed I just panicked.

But anyway, back to the point of this post..

Because it has snowed, and everything looks beautiful I donned my wellies and went.. Brace yourself..  into my back garden with my camera in order to get some photos of it so I wanted to share those with you!


There is something so blissful and beautiful about the snow.

How do you feel about snow? Do you get a lot of snow where you are?

Hope you enjoyed this!

Talk to you soon! 
Byeee xxx

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