The Wednesday Night Lego Adventure


I do hope you are all well.

One of the things I love about my boyfriend is how similar we are. I mean that in a sense that we like a lot of the same things, we both like the same music, we both love playing video games, and two things we both really love are Star Wars and Lego.

Yesterday we went to our local shopping centre with the intention of going out for dinner afterwards. However it didnt quite go to plan as Ben had the worst toothache that was caused by his wisdom tooth starting to come through. I could tell he wasn’t enjoying himself so I cut my shopping trip short to get him back home. But before I did that I mentioned to him that we could go to Toys R Us because, if you aren’t aware, the toystore has gone into administration and loads of, if not all of the stores are closing and have sales on.

We have been talking for a while about getting some Star Wars Lego for a while so we thought while ever there is a sale on we might as well have a little look.

We walked in to the store and was greeted by the Star Wars Section which had a bit of Lego on it but we moved around to the actual Lego section to see what else they had and we came out with two sets.


Now the deal was only 10% off however both sets were around £20 cheaper than the Lego store, and that was before the discount so we were more than happy to come home with our Lego.

We got home and I could not contain my excitement and was begging to build one of the sets. We set up an area on Bens Computer table and brought the chair from my vanity downstairs for me to sit on and got to building.

At The End Of Bag One
At The End Of Bag Two
At The End Of Bag Three
At The End Of Bag Four


All Finished!

I know this won’t be to everyone’s taste but honestly just being sat with Ben building this was so much fun and it really reminded me how much I love that boy and how much I love just spending time with him, no TV, not computers, no phones other than to take the step by step shots, no nothing, just us.

It was bliss..

We didnt end up going out for dinner but I cooked us a quick dinner and then we finished off the Lego.

We went to bed just after midnight and I had the best time.

Talk to you soon! 
Byeee xxx

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