Product Rave – Pantene Foam Conditioner


I wanted to talk today about a product I recently discovered and am absolutely loving.


This is the Pantene Pro V In Shower Foam Conditioner Volume and Body (wow thats a long name) and it is wonderful.

I have fine hair but lots of it (apparently) and I often find that regular conditioners weigh my hair down and leave it feeling a bit ‘Meh’. This however leaves my hair silky soft, bouncy and full of life.

No weight, just life.

As it says it is a foam conditioner, simply pump some into your hand and apply to your hair in the shower after shampooing. It says this can be used all over but I prefer to focus on the ends because they need the most help.

The way I use it is to part my hair down the middle and pull each half over my shoulders, I then split the foam in my hand in half and using my fingers, I comb the foam through the ends of my hair to make sure everything is coated.I then leave the conditioner for a few minutes to soak in (usually I do my skin care in this time) then I rinse it out.

I dont use this every day but I think you probably could just because of how lightweight it is on the hair.

It can be purchased from all good drugstores and supermarkets ( I actually picked mine up in Morrisons) and retails for about £3-£4 depending on store.

Hope you liked this type of post. Let me know if you want to see more of these!

Talk to you soon!
Byeee xxx

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