A day off together

Good Evening!

Today my boyfriend and I had a day off together for the first time in about a month. The reason for this was our place of work had closed for the day due to maintenance, Ben had the day off because of this, my shift was due in but I had spoken to my manager and gotten the day off as well.

We started the day off slowly, I got up first, did my makeup and curled my hair, then I woke Ben up and he got ready as well. We didn’t have much planned so we drove out towards Leeds to do some shopping and grab some bits from Ikea for a project Ben had embarked on following a late night conversation a couple days ago.

We picked up a cheeky starbucks and had a good laugh about how I had told the girl behind the counter to put the name ‘Ben’ on the cup, and she had wrote ‘Mel’, but the coffees were wonderful and we set off home.

Mmm Mocha Frappachino 
We got home and Ben started his project which took a lot more work than needed as he realised he needed to break out the saw in order to make things even. I spent the whole time, curled up on the sofa, scrolling Instagram whilst watching him, shirtless, sawing away at the metal.

After this we had a walk around the lake with Diesel. We actually set off just as the sun was starting to set so I took my camera out and managed to get a couple shots that I was happy with.


We brought Diesel home and put him in his bed before heading back out for something to eat and a few drinks.

We are really lucky that at the edge of our estate, just off the Lake is a pub that has a pet friendly beer garden, and does wonderful food. The only issue I found is how busy it was, obviously it was a Saturday night so of course it was going to be busy, but when you consider I should have been at work until 10pm, Saturday nights are not something I ever get to experience.

We found a table and ordered our food. Ben had BBQ Ribs, because I’m pretty sure he is obsessed with them, and I went for something that was seriously out of my comfort zone, and ordered the Chicken and Waffles.. Which was lovely, but very interesting to say the least.


After food we had a very steady walk home and called it a night, Ben went onto his computer to play his game, I loaded up my laptop and set about writing this post.

To say we haven’t done much, today has been lovely and has been a much needed day off together. I have loved just being with Ben, just talking away all day, walking hand in hand, and just being together.

So there we have it, a run down of our day off together.

Hope you have all had a fabulous Saturday, regardless of what you have done!

Talk to you soon!
Byeee xxx

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