Primark False Nail Haul


Yesterday my boyfriend and I popped into our local Primark because I had ran out of false nails.


Its worth noting at this point that, I may have a mild addiction to false nails, specifically the Primark ones because they are A) super cheap and B) surprisingly good quality.

On average I get about 5 days wear out of the nails before the glue starts to come away, but some times I get up to 7 days, I think it really depends on what I’ve been doing and if I have been looking after the nails.

Another great thing about Primark nails is the selection and the choice. They have everything from plain block colour to matte to unicorn to Disney ones and everything in between, so you can always find something to suit your mood or occasion.

Price wise the nails range from £1 to around £3.50.

Lets take a look at the ones I chose.


I am going to be doing another post soon showing how I apply my false nails so keep your eyes peeled for that!

That it for today guys.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Which of these are your favourites?

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx


3 thoughts on “Primark False Nail Haul

    1. My local primark carries such a good range so I’m always spoiled for choice! I definitely rate them really highly and I always get compliments on my nails when I’m wearing them ♡ Thank you for reading! Xx

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