Review – Essence Lash Princess


Today I wanted to talk to you about my current favourite mascara, the Essence Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara (Wow, what a mouth full!)


The Lash Princess range has 3 different mascaras in it, the Sculpted volume (Purple), False Lash Effect (Green) and the Volume (Orange). All three mascaras retail for around £3 – £3.50 so are all complete bargains.

I have tried all three and think they are all good, especially for the price but for me the False Lash Effect just didn’t do enough for me, it wasn’t bad, it just didn’t pack the same punch as the other two.

But today I wanted to focus on the Sculpted Volume version as this one knocked my little socks off.

As mentioned this one retails for £3 and I purchased it from my Local Wilko store.


The wand is made with natural bristles and has a nice curve to it which allows the wand to get to every lash and adds a lot of definition to the lashes and helps to fan out the lashes.

The mascara formula I kind is a bit thick and the wand can pick up too much product, but I tend to run a spoolie through my lashes if I need to, or I find wiping the excess product off before I start the application also helps. The formula is very black which I personally like in a mascara, as far as I am aware Black is the only shade they offer in this range but I think thats fine. I tend to go for extra black if its offered but this one is dark enough all by itself.

So lets now take a look at the before and after.

Natural – Not curled, No Mascara.
After – Two coats, lashes curled.

As you can see in the before and after the results are amazing, the mascara provides length (my lashes are almost touching my brows) as well as volume and definition. Its really the whole package when it comes to mascara and for the price it is such a good find. It doesn’t flake or smudge on me, it lasts all day and still looks incredible… unless I rub my eyes which I have been known to do.

I thought I liked the orange one, and am on my third tube of that one, but this one just does something a bit more special so I think I will be buying this again in future.

I remember a couple days ago, trying them side by side, Purple on one eye, Orange on the other and I asked Ben for his opinion and he was like “Purple Side, no question.”

So its boyfriend approved which has to count for something? Right?!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

Have you tried any of the Lash Princess Line? If so what did you think?

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx



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