Review – Absolution Le Nettoyant Purete


First things first, no I don’t know how to pronouce the name of this product and I’m glad this isn’t Youtube where I would be forced to attempt a pronunciation!

That aside, today I wanted to talk about another sample I recently finished up, this time it was a face wash.


The sample I received contained 15ml of product, with the full size offering 150ml for £26.

This product is infused with Roman Chamomile, White Willow and oat proteins and claims to “gently remove traces of makeup and dissolve impurities leaving your complexion soothed, with skin feeling smooth, even and soft to the touch.” It also claims to reduce redness and tight skin.

I really liked this. I didn’t use it every day, and tended to use it more on a night, or on a morning where I hadn’t removed all my makeup the night before, and I loved it.

It started off a clear gel like face wash, but quickly lathered up and provided good coverage from a small amount. Typically I used a small amount on my face, then used a second small amount on my eyes and worked it into my lashes to dissolve every trace of mascara and I was never disappointed.

This stuff removed everything and left my skin squeaky clean but soft and smooth with no irritation.

I was a bit nervous at first because there wasn’t a lot of information on the packaging, there was no warning about not using it on the eye area but at the same time it didn’t say it was safe, the directions on the back were simply “apply to wet face and rinse with water” and I am someone who likes to use just one product to remove all my makeup, I don’t always have time or energy to use two different products, 1 to remove my face makeup and another for eyes. But luckily this worked well on both areas and as mentioned it removed everything and I was left with no stinging around my eyes or any redness.

This is another of those products with the herbal, spa like scent which again took me a little while to get used to. The scent doesn’t linger but I do sort of see why some people don’t like scents like this. For me it doesn’t bother me as you only smell it whilst your using it.

So, Would I repurchase this?

Probably. At £26 its not a product that breaks the bank, and for me it worked really well but I’m not sure that at the moment I could justify dropping that amount of money on a face wash. But who knows.. Maybe one day I will treat myself.

Hope you enjoyed this!

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx


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