Our Day Out at Cadwell Park

Good Evening!

A few days ago I tweeted that we were on out way to Cadwell Park to watch one of our friends race in the UK Time Attacks, so today I thought it would be nice to talk to you guys about our day out, and share some photography from the day!

We got invited by our friend to take some pictures for him of his car, and just to come and enjoy the racing that was taking place that day.

We set off at around 7am in order to get there before the events started. We have been a couple of times to watch our friend practice and just to enjoy a day out at the track, we went last year to a kind of Ford Meet up and had an amazing day out so I was definitely down for another visit.

We got to Cadwell around 8:45am and parked up, after which we set off across the Paddock to find our friend, who, as you will see from the below photos, isn’t hard to miss.


He is sponsored by Larkspeed Performance Centre who he used to work for, and when we arrived him, and his team were all wearing Larkspeed Polo Shirts and it made me realise how serious he is about this.

After a quick chat, Ben and I set off across Cadwell Park to see the first practice session and find ourselves a good place to take photos from.

I am in no way the best at taking pictures of cars when they are moving, especially not when they are moving at around 110mph.. But I think I did okay.


After a few practice rounds for the different classes, it was time for lunch, and since our friend had set up camp for the weekend (it was a two day event and a 1.45 hour drive each way) we decided to have a BBQ, during which time I had a cheeseburger and was then forced to eat a jam sandwich.. not that I minded because I was told I was skinny and needed to eat.. always a bonus in my opinion đŸ˜›

We took a few photos of our friends car on the grass, stationary this time because he had asked us to, and Ben was given the keys and allowed to drive the car and move it into position for us while our friend relaxed a bit.


After some fun in the sun and a good laugh over food, our friend was back out on the track for his final practice round before the main event.

We watched from the side lines and got a few last shots in, before actually deciding to just focus on watching. His car looked great flying around the track, as did the other cars.

After the final practice round Ben and I returned to our friends station to chat to them one last time before we headed home. Devastatingly we had to leave before the final race but we wished him all the best and headed off home.

The drive home was lovely but we were both feeling the effects of the heat and the early start, plus the amount of walking we had done during the day and had to stop off at the services for a drink. We both picked up an ice cream and sat in the car park.. just chilling before rejoining the motor way and heading back home.

After a few hours at home, and frequent checks of Facebook I messaged my friend to find out how he had gotten on.

He replied with a picture of himself on the podium. He had taken second place on day one, and by the end of day 2 he had placed first!

I could not be prouder of him, he is someone who had a dream and has done everything he can to chase that dream, never giving up on it despite the challenges, and the judgement of others. To me he is an inspiration, someone I truly look up to.

*Raises Glass*

Here’s to the rest of the season!

Hope you enjoyed guys!

Below are some bonus photos of some of the other stunning cars out on the track on Sunday..


Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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