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Our Day Out In Malham


About a week ago Ben and I had another of those rare days off together and had decided that we weren’t going to spend it stuck in the house. We had been out for dinner a few days prior and my dad had suggested that we go to Malham for the day, which is a small village in the Yorkshire Dales, but the selling point is the Cove and near by Gordale Scar.

Since I had taken my DSLR with me I wanted to share with you some of the pictures I took of the Cove and surrounding scenery, and the animals that were in the area.

We arrived in Malham quite early but there were already a lot of people in the carpark, luckily we managed to find a space and Ben went off to pay for parking. It became apparent quite quickly that Ben and I were not dressed for the occasion as everyone around us were wearing like full on hiking gear, and we were there in jeans and t-shirts, with not even remotely appropriate footwear, never the less, we headed out towards Gordale Scar.


The walk to Gordale Scar is a mile from the village, and we took it very steady, stopping to take pictures of more or less everything along the way.

When we got to the Scar we met a lovely walker who chatted to us for five minutes or so about photography and things, I asked him how we get to the Cove and he very politely gave us directions so a few minutes later we turned and headed back the way we had came.

We stopped at the Refreshment Van for a bacon sandwich and went off on our way again towards the Cove.

Along the way we passed Sheep with their little lamb, and Cows with their Calves. The whole place is surreal and beautiful.


We made it to the top of the cove about an hour later, We were in no rush and kept stopping to take in the views and chat with each other, taking pictures of things, and just going “oh my god its beautiful”.


The top of the cove is amazing as its basically just rocks, and you hop from one to another, and can go right to the edge if your brave enough. We hung around for about 10 minutes hopping from rock to rock until we made it to the ‘steps’ to get back to the bottom of the cove.

We walked to the bottom and spent a little while watching the rock climbers, and basically just having a little rest before heading back towards the car.


Once back at the car we googled near by Ice Cream Parlours and put the postcode to one in the SatNav and set off to get a very well deserved treat.

We arrived at Billy Bob’s about 25 minutes later and honestly we were so grateful as we were both exhausted. We queued up for about 5 minutes trying to decide on icecreams.

I went with Mint Choc Chip and Fudge Brownie in a waffle cone, while Ben chose the sweetest options on the Menu and got Bubblegum and Cotton Candy in a tub.


After we ate our icecreams in the sunshine, we both grabbed coffees and set off back home to pick up the dog from Bens Parents house.

We walked about 4.5 miles in total that day and had the best time. The views are breathtaking and I could not recommend Malham Cove more highly!

Plus.. if you do visit, make sure to visit Billy Bobs!

Hope you enjoyed this guys!

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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