How I Apply False Nails


Recently I shared with you guys a little haul featuring the false nails I had bought from Primark (link to that post) and I mentioned in that post that I wanted to share with you how I apply them, so that’s what we are going to be doing today.


I wear false nails more or less consistently, and yes that does mean my natural nails are naff underneath but no that doesn’t stop me wearing them 😛 Neither does the fact that I am technically not supposed to wear them at work, but hey… Rules are made to be broken right?

Lets get started

First thing I do is remove the previous nails. I realise that sounds like a really obvious thing to do, but its a vital step!

Once the nails are off I push back my cuticles and then trim off any excess with Nail Clippers. I also file down the ends of my nails at this stage to make sure they are nice and smooth and straight.


After I have clipped each cuticle, I take a 4 way nail buffer and buff my nails to remove any glue residue, you can also soak the in nail polish remover to make this process easier if you need to. I got my nail buffer from Primark for around £1 for two buffers.


As soon as I have my nails looking some what smooth and half decent, its time to measure the nails to get the right fit. To do this I typically pour them all out on my desk and then slowly go through each nail on my fingers to get the perfect fit, I then lay them out separate to the non fitting nails as shown.


Once I have every thing laid out ready, I cut the tip of the nail glue bottle and starting at my little finger I apply each nail. I apply the glue directly to my natural nail, push the false nail towards my cuticle and then hold in place for a few seconds until firmly in place. I then repeat this for each nail except my thumb.


At this point I take the nail clippers and trim the nails down to what I think is an acceptable length.

After I have trimmed each nail, I again take the nail file and file the trimmed nails so they are rounded and smoothed out, making sure each nail is around the same length and shape. This is never an exact science but I do try to get them relatively similar.


I then repeat this for the other hand, again leaving out the thumb.

Once my 8 finger nails are in place and I am happy with the length and shape, I apply the thumb nail, left hand first.


Then following the same steps as above, I trim them file into the correct shape. At this point I move onto the last nail, my right thumb.


With all my nails on its time to face the day, or night, depending on when I have applied them.

As I mentioned previously I can get up to a week of wear out of them, but sometimes if the glue comes loose I will just take the nail off and reapply it, the last pair I wore I wore for 2 weeks, and only had to reapply about 4 nails.

Now I do realise that Primark do short nails, however I often find that the selection isn’t that great on the short nails and also I find they don’t fit as well as the long ones. So I go for the long ones and just spend a bit longer on the application, plus it gives me a custom length which is the perfect length for me.

In case your wondering, because I trim them down to a length I like, when I’m choosing nails I always go for the ones that have patterns or designs at the cuticle end of the nails so that I don’t ruin the pattern or just straight cut it off!

That’s it guys! A bit of a longer on today but I hope you enjoyed it!

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx



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