Bargain Hunting in Tesco


A couple days ago I was in my local Tesco grabbing a few bits for some cupcakes I wanted to back, when I decided to take a stroll down the makeup / skincare aisle. I had zero intention of buying anything, I just wanted to look. That was all well and good, until I found the clearance section.

I love me a good ‘bargain bin’ or clearance section, I think its really easy to drop on and find something super good at a really affordable price, and I usually end up doing really well for myself.. Sometimes I go into stores just to rummage round in their clearance sections.

This day was no different and I was able to snag two products that were discounted by around half. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t expensive before the discount but there was just something so thrilling about finding them with little ‘reduction’ stickers on them.

So lets look at what I actually purchased

First up with have a Garnier Pure Active Pore Unclogging Face Mask. I have been in the market for a good face mask for a while as my Elf Cosmetics one is almost empty so I am very exited to give this one a go!

The face mask cost me just £1.65.

The other product I managed to find was a Dove Body cream. This was part of their Nourishing Secrets line and is said to be a restoring cream. I have a spray on moisturiser from Vaseline that I adore, but I wanted to try something a little different and with this being on offer I thought, what the heck? Ya know.

My legs after being shaved are the worst things ever and always end up itching to the point when I make them sore from scratching too much so I wanted something to replenish and heal my legs and combat the itchy feeling I have.

This has the nicest scent to it, with a faint hint of coconut and is rich, moisturising but none sticky or greasy.

This again cost me just £1.65

So there you have it, a teeny tiny haul 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it! Whats your favourite bargain find of recent months?!

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx


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