My New Tattoo


Back in April I shared with you my latest tattoo which was my little snail on my ankle, whilst I was in the studio I booked in again for a few months time because I had a bit of extra cash on me and thought “why the hell not” so I spoke to my artist and we picked a date that suited me. I already knew more or less what I wanted as I had a owl on my forearm done a few years ago, and wanted something up the back to turn it into more of a half sleeve to balance out with my right arm which is a half sleeve. I already had ideas in mind as I always try to mentally plan out my tattoos and get plenty of reference pictures before booking in. So we talked about the design and I payed my deposit.

Fast forward a few months to yesterday and my appointment was finally here.

I woke up at 8am and was showered, dressed, make up and hair done by 9am, so I woke Ben up who had agreed to drive me, and we drove down to the studio ready for my appointment at 10am. We arrived and the receptionist greeted us then went to tell my artist that I was here, so we took a seat in the waiting area and chatted.

A few mintues later Rachael came down to show me the design and showed me how it would sit on my arm in relation to the tattoo I already had. I was already super happy with everything and could not wait to get started.

Rachael went off to get the stencil ready and then I went upstairs to be prepped and have the stencil put onto my skin to make sure I was happy with the placement. She then really roughly drew on some other bits to show me where they would sit, but said they would be free handed on later. I looked in the mirror at the design in its place and was totally in love. Ben agreed that he liked it and couldn’t wait to see the finished product.

I got laid down on the bed in the position that Rachael thought was best and then Ben left because he had other things to do and there is nothing more boring that watching someone else get tattooed.

5 hours later, and we were done. I had my final wipe down and got to have a look at the tattoo in all its finished glory.

So here it is


Honestly I am in love with this, I think it compliments the owl that I already had, the colours are stunning and the whole thing is wayy better than I had imagined it in my head.

Hope you enjoyed this look at my newest tattoo

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx


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