Bargain Hunting in Tesco – 2.0


I was recently in my local Tesco (shock horror) buying the bits I would need to take care of my tattoo, when I came across some more skincare bargains.

I recently posted about some other bits I had picked up, but this time there was a lot more to choose from so I took my time looking through the products on offer and decided to pop a couple into my basket.

None of these products broke the bank, and I thought “for the price, why not give them a go”

So here we go –

Nivea Visage – Pore Refining Mask – £1.92 – RRP £3.84

This is a 1 minute self heating mask, designed to detox the skin in order to help reduce the look of pores, remove impurities and tighten skin.

Nivea Visage – Purifying Face Mask – £1.50 – RRP £3.01 

This is a 1 minute face mask that is designed to exfoliate dead skin cells and detox the skin to provide extra deep cleansing which helps to purify the skin.

Simple – Pollution Protect Sheet Mask – £0.75 – RRP £1.50

Containing Vitamin E, B3 and antioxidants, this natural fibre sheet mask is designed to minimise the drying effects of every days pollutants and instantly hydrate the skin.

Simple – Destress Sheet Mask – £0.75 – RRP £1.50

Containing Aloe Vera, Vitamins and Antioxidants, this natural fibre sheet mask is designed to infuse its ingredients straight into the skin to instantly soothe and brighten.

So there we go, a few face masks to give myself a quick little facial whenever I need one! Can’t wait to try these out. I will definitely do reviews on these once I have given them a good go 🙂

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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