A Day Out In York


A little over a week ago, Ben and I went for a day trip to York with Ben’s family. The reason for the trip was simple, Ben and his dad had never been to York! We got talking about this over a month ago and had all agreed that we had to go for the day, so fast forward a few weeks and I had a Sunday booked off work so we made arrangements to go then.

The day arrived sooner than we all expected and at 8:30am we were all bundled into Ben’s mum’s tiny car on our way to the train station. It took is two trains to get to York from where we live and by around midday we had arrived.

We left the train station and crossed over the bridge towards the city. The weather was glorious and everything just looked beautiful. Flowers were in full bloom and everything was just glowing.


As we walked over the bridge I noticed there was a boat that was serving icecream and proudly proclaimed that we had to stop on the way back for one, everyone was in agreement so I was over joyed.


Walking further into the city we were greeted by the York Minster, that still stands proudly over the city, looking absolutely gorgeous. The building is very imposing and super impressive, a must see (hard to miss) part of York.

After seeing the Minster we heading into the city centre to find some coffee then headed off to further explore and have a steady bumble down all the little side streets. We found several little markets that we spent ages walking through looking at all the nick nacks and oddities that were on sale.


Then we all agreed we were hungry and set off looking for somewhere to eat, we stumbled on a small Fish and Chip restaurant with indoor seating so we popped in and were quickly seated. The food was gorgeous, I mean absolutely stunning, we all complimented it on our way out.

After another mooch around we decided to find a pub and have a cheeky pint, well, everyone except me as I had to drive home, not that I mind. After about an hour we headed back towards the train station, but not before stopping to grab an ice cream from the Ice Cream Boat, and what an ice cream it was.


After ice cream we all headed back to grab the train home, and a few hours later, Ben and I were back home and curled up on the sofa. We had been awake for almost 12 hours, and had walked miles, so we quickly ended up asleep on the sofa.

So there you have it, a quick run down of our visit to York

Whats your favourite city to visit? Let me know in the comments.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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