Hair Care Routine


Today I wanted to share with you something a little different for me. I wanted to talk about my hair care routine.

I will say I keep my hair routine super simple, I don’t use a tonne of products because my hair doesn’t need it. As long as my hair is clean, its happy. Obviously there is nothing wrong with using a lot of products in your hair, because everyone is different and everyones hair needs are different.

For reference my hair is just straight, I have “fine hair, but a lot of it” and its straight. I don’t straighten my hair, ever. I’ve had stylist straighten it and go “oh, there was no need to do that” and I was sitting there like “Yeah, I knew there wouldn’t be but hey.. your the professional!”

So lets get onto the products I actually use –

Pantene Colour Protect Shampoo

I switch this up all the time, but I stick to colour care because obviously I have coloured hair and I want to keep it looking as good and vibrant as I can.

I wash my hair every morning, I know that I’m “not supposed to” but my hair likes it, and if I don’t it just takes the shape of the bobble if I wore one, or it just sticks up and looks ridiculous so I just jump in the shower and wash it.

Pantene Colour Protect Foam Conditioner

I use this every couple days in the shower. Its super light weight but it works so well. My hair loves this, it doesn’t feel heavy or weird, it just feels soft and healthy.

Again I use the colour protect one, however I did previously have the Volume version. So this is a repurchase and I did review it a few months ago. You can find that post here.

Novex Mystic Black Deep Hair Mask

I use this one a week, usually in the bath when I’m having a spa night after my working week is done. I will go all in, and do a hair mask, face mask etc and just relax.

I love this stuff, its a great product. Leave it on for three minutes and rinse to reveal the softest healthiest feeling hair.

Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil Oil

This is a water based hair oil, I used this most mornings (unless I’m using the one below) and have been since I received it in my Birchbox.

Its great. I keep the towel on my hair until I’m done with my make up, and then give it a quick rub down with the towel before applying two pumps of this. I keep it through the roots and then scrunch it through the ends before blow drying. It helps to volumise my hair, and keep it soft and smooth all day.

Percy and Reed Wonder Balm

I don’t use this as often as the Oil but I again run this through damp hair before styling. Its nice, but I don’t love this.

The hair oil, I love! This.. I like it but I wouldn’t run out to buy it if I ran out.

Percy and Reed Finishing Balm 

I use this after blow drying. I use a teeny amount and keep it basically in my fringe to smooth down the fly aways.

Shockwaves Extra Stronghold Hairspray

Finally I go over my hair with a quick blast of hair spray. I go back and forth with hairspray, but I come back to this one a lot. Its good, it keeps my hair in place all day and when I’m at work that’s what I need. I cant just reapply hair spray at work so if my hair falls out of place.. that basically it for the day, which I can’t stand.

It doesn’t matter what I do to my hair, whether I pin my fringe up, or style it down, I use hair spray.

Percy & Reed Dry Shampoo

I’ll be honest, I rarely use dry shampoo. But when I do this is the one I go for. I hate the scent but I love the results so I’m willing to compromise. The rest of the product I use from them smell gorgeous but this doesn’t share that scent which is so sad. But it dries out the oil from my hair and helps to give it back some volume and shine.

So that all the products. I know I use the a lot of the same brand but these are products that in my beauty subscription boxes and I like to give them a good try before I decide to repurchase because otherwise.. Whats the point in my getting the beauty boxes?! But that being said, I do love these products, I wouldn’t use them otherwise. Since having my hair cut, and introducing these products my hair has felt 1000% healthier.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx


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