Review – Essence I Heart Extreme Mascara


Today I wanted to review a mascara I got recently in my Glossybox and as you can see from the title its going to be an Essence Mascara. I have review Essence mascara before, and honestly, I am on my like 4th tube of the Purple Lash Princess Mascara. I freaking love that one, its the one I compare all other mascaras to, so I had high hopes for this one.


The Essence I Heart Extreme Mascara is a volumising and lengthening formula with an extra large natural bristle brush that is said to capture every lash. I also have the waterproof version of this product.


The first thing, right off the bat that I want to mention is that when they say “extra large” brush, they aren’t kidding. This thing is giant! I have quite large eyes anyway but this thing dwarfs them, which can make it both really easy to do your mascara and really tricky.

Easy – because it basically grabs your entire lashes in one go.

Hard – because its so easy to bump it onto your eye lid. Its hard to reach the lashes in the inner corner because of its size, and you can more or less forget about doing your bottom lashes with this because you will catch the skin underneath and ruin your make up. I always swap to a different mascara before going in on the bottom lashes (except in the pictures below, for the purposes of this post, I braved the giant wand)

So lets take a look at how it performs.

Before Mascara – Lashes curled ready.
After two coats I heart Extreme Mascra

This stuff works, I can’t deny that. It gives volume and length, the colour is nice and dark which I love. It separates nicely and gives amazing definition.

Heres a full look at how the mascara looks on both eyes.

All in all, this is very similar to the Lash Princess that I love so much, but with a much harder to use wand. So based on that, I prefer the Lash Princess.

The results are basically the same, both are lengthening, volumising and create definition, the key difference being the wands.

I like the curved want of Lash Princess better, I find it easier to work with. But none of that is to say that this is bad, its not. Its freaking great, and for £2.80? Sign me up to buy it again if they don’t have Lash Princess.

The only complaint I have it that its waterproof and therefore pretty hard to remove, I find myself needing Makeup removing oils to really get rid of every trace of this stuff.

So would I recommend? Yeah I would, as I said, it is great if you can get over the wand. If you can’t, Essence have other options that are just as good!

Thats it for today guys!

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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