First Impressions – Revolution Fast Base Foundation


If you have seen my latest haul, then you will know I recently purchased the Fast Base Foundation Stick from Revolution Beauty, and in todays post I am going to be sharing my first impressions of the product.

I purchased the foundation from Superdrug for just £5. I got in the shade F1, which is the palest shade they do because I am super pale. I always go for the lightest shade and still end up disappointed and orange because its usually still too dark, so I’ll be honest, I wasn’t holding my breath for this to be any different.

I was however, pleasantly surprised.


The foundations comes in a pink and rose gold tube, with the branding in rose gold as well. The packaging is simple, and yet really elegant for the price.


Twisted up fully, you can see here the amount of product for your money. What I have experienced with this product so far is that you don’t need a lot of product, so I can see this lasting a while.


Here is my face as it is naturally, with no makeup on. You can see I have some redness around the centre of my face, some discolouration, a few freckles across my nose and some minor scarring from previous acne. In all honestly I am happy with my skin at the moment, so foundation has never been a ‘necessity’ for me.


Here I applied the foundation to one half of my face. You can see how it has evened everything out and provided a good level of coverage. I applied three strokes of product to my cheeks, one to my chin, and two little strokes to my forehead. I blended it out with my real techniques sponge. I think you could definitely build this up to be super high coverage but for me personally I like it with just one application.


Here I had applied concealer to my under eyes to further cover my dark circles fromthe lack of sleep that I get. I had also applied a small amount of cream contour to my cheek bone, temple and jaw line.


And finally my completed make up.

So what do I think?

Honestly I really like this, I liked it as soon as I started to blend it into my skin. Its super creamy, easy to blend out, has good coverage but feels super light weight. It doesn’t feel at all cakey and doesn’t really feel like your wearing make up. The finish is beautiful and looks really natural. I love the way this shade looks on my and how well it matched, you can see in the second picture that there isn’t really a difference in colour between both halves, one side has just been evened out. I set the foundation and concealer with my Affect Loose Powder, and then set it all with my CYO Setting Spray and a few hours later my foundation is still in place with no movement, no sliding and no creasing.

I think the only real complaint I could have with it, is that is only comes in 18 shades – 3 fair, 2 light, 1 light/medium, 4 medium, 2 medium/dark, 6 dark. So whilst they have a good split of shades and undertones, (instead of what some companies have been known to do and have 10 light shades, 5 medium, 3 dark) you can see that Revolution have really tried to cater for everyone but its still not enough. You have to think, this has a lot of coverage to it, so its much harder to try and get away with a shade that doesn’t quite match you therefore I think its really important that everyone has a shade for them.

Would I recommend? 

Yes I would. I think if you can find your shade then it is definitely worth trying!

What do you guys think? Have you tried this? Did you like it? If you haven’t tried it, do you think you will in the future?

Hope you enjoyed this first impressions..

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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