My Top 3 – Ciate Nail Polishes


Today I am back with a different type of post, but one that I was super eager to try and that is a “My Top _____ ”

I am kicking off this series with my top 3 Ciate Nail Polishes.

I love nail polish, I love false nails as well, and often when I get bored of the colour on my false ones, I will dig out a colour from my nail polish collection and give the nails a new lease of life.

Its worth noting that I own a lot of nail polish, I have a good selection of brands and colours, but Ciate are one of my favourites. Ciate have a very well balanced range of shades and finishes, and their polishes never disappoint in terms of quality, every polish I own by them is vibrant and opaque.

I definitely have my favourites but I thought we would start with my top 3.

Pillow Fight

In third place, we have Pillow Fight. A creamy, grey-purple. This is a gorgeous shade, especially in fall, it has a certain elegance to it, with it being on the deeper side of the nude family. To be fair this is one that could be worn all year round, but it really comes into its own in the fall, especially when your wearing an oversized chunky cardigan and you can just see this shade poking out of the bottom of the sleeves.


In second place we have Pepperminty. This shade is a gorgeous creamy, opaque mint green. This shade is perfect for summer. I frequently pair this with a soft lilac accent nail for a perfect pop of summer colour.

Iced Frappe

And in first place, my all time favourite, Iced Frappe. This is an absolutely stunning colour, and can be worn all year round, with every outfit. Its a muted coffee pink that compliments every skin tone. I wear this over, and over again, and have been known to just keep repainting my nails with this shade for like 2 months straight before finally and begrudgingly switching to a different shade. I just love it. I have to keep shaking the bottle so that the colour was even across the glass and wouldn’t show off how much I have used!

So there we have it guys, my top three Ciate polishes!

I would love to hear what your favourites are.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx 

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