Boots Haul


Today I am back with another little haul from Boots. A couple days ago I popped in for a new eyebrow pencil because half way through doing my brows, my pencil ran out but as always, ended up picking up a couple extra bits.

So lets jump in

Maybelline BROWprecise Micro Pencil – £7.99 (on offer – 2 Maybelline products for £10)
Maybelline Master Fix Setting Powder – £8.99 (On offer, 2 Maybelline Products for £10)
Collection Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream – Caramel – £2.99
Collection Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream – Rosie – £2.99
Pantene Expert Collecttion Hydra Intensify Velvet Creme Infusion – £0.50
Dove Advanced Hair Series Rescue Creme Mask for Damaged Hair – £0.50

My total came to £19.03 (I also got a 5p carrier bag) which I think is a god damn bargain. The two hair care products were originally ticketed as £1, but according to the receipt I only paid 50p, so I can’t argue with that!

I cannot recommend to you enough to try and hunt down the bargain bin. Most stores have one, or they will have a little reduction section, you can honestly find some amazing things in there at a fraction of the RRP, but sometimes you have to really dig!

Super excited to start using these products, Im kinda really excited about the hair mask, I’m getting my hair bleached again so I think this might be a lovely treat for my hair, and if not, hair masks are great for shaving your legs!

Hope you enjoyed this little haul, keep your eyes peeled for reviews coming soon.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx


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