Review – Maria Nila True Soft Shampoo & Conditioner


Recently I spent the week in London celebrating my birthday and just reconnecting with Ben. During the trip I decided to make use of the travel size bottles of Maria Nila True Soft Shampoo and Conditioner that I received in a Glossybox earlier in the year. If you read my “what I packed” Cornwall edition you will have seen that I packed this collection then, but because of the shortness of the trip I didn’t get to try it for long enough, but I did form an opinion about the product. So this review will be based on both trips.

Starting with the Shampoo –


What –

A cruelty free, vegan shampoo, which is paraben and sulphate free. Formulated with Argan Oil and a colour guard complex, this gentle shampoo helps to reduce frizz, hydrate, and add shine to hair without stripping the colour from the hair.

What do I think –

The first time I used this was in Cornwall, and I used it alone meaning I didn’t follow up with the conditioner, and I quickly realised that this shampoo needs its counterpart. I am not someone who frequently conditioners their hair because my hair doesn’t like it, so naturally I jumped in the shower, shampoo’d, rinsed and that was that, I hopped outta the shower and moved onto styling. My hair felt dry and rough all day, I kept touching it trying to work out what I had done wrong, it just felt awful. The next day I followed up with the conditioner and my hair felt completely different. It was smooth and silky, a feeling which lasted all day.
As far as cleansing goes, it does work well, I use quite a lot of hair spray and it cleansed, and removed all the residue, leaving my hair squeaky clean, just squeaky clean and dry.

Moving on to the Conditioner –


What –

This conditioner follows the same cruelty free, vegan and sulphate free recipe as its shampoo counterpart, and is said to be a detangling conditioner for coloured hair that helps to strengthen, repair and moisturise whilst protecting coloured hair from harmful UV rays and the damage caused by heat styling.

What do I think –

This is actually such a good conditioner, it leaves hair smooth, detangled, frizz free and touchabley soft, even 24 hours after use. It doesn’t leave hair greasy or feeling heavy which is usually why I avoid conditioning frequently, preferring a weekly hair mask, however this stuff is heaven for your hair.

Final thoughts –

I think they 100% need to be used as a pair, I didn’t leave the conditioner on for long so it didn’t take up tonnes of time in the shower. I simply applied it, cleansed my face then rinsed the conditioner and that was that. But together they really do live up to their name, leaving hair truely soft, clean and tangle free.

Would I recommend –

Yes if your going to use them as a set. Otherwise, I would probably only recommend the conditioner.

Shop –



You can purchase both products in 100ml, 350ml or 1000ml, I would recommend a small bottle to try.

I have used both around 8 times and I still have plenty left for any future trips away!

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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