My Birthday In London


Back in March we visited London for the first time and literally two weeks after returning home, I had booked for us to go again in August for my birthday. Fast forward to last week and we were on a train down to London to start our visit.

We arrived Monday evening, after a near 3 hour train ride, quickly checked in, then had a really steady walk down to Leicester Square, which took us about 30 minutes, grabbed some dinner then had a steady walk back to our hotel.

The next day was my birthday! and we started it by putting money onto our Oyster cards that we had kept from the previous trip, and then grabbed a tube down to Embankment Station, where we grabbed a Starbucks because Ben needed caffeine, then set off walking down towards Westminster because I wanted to see Big Ben up close, however due to an incident the road was closed, so we turned around, crossed the bridge and headed down The Queens Walk towards the Sea Life Centre, which is where I wanted to spend the morning.

We spent around 2 hours in the Sea Life centre looking at all the fish and marine life, I have always been fascinated by sea creatures and I was especially excited to see a Sea Pancake (also known as a Ray of any variety) up close. The aquarium was super busy but I expected nothing less during the summer holidays and luckily I had Ben there to soothe my nerves and hold my hand for comfort. I am not a big fan of crowds and i get really anxious that something will happen or I just start to panic about the sheer volume of people so Ben will have constant contact with me to reassure me that hes there and things are okay, but overall it was super fun and I loved seeing everything there was to see.

Here are some pictures I took –


From the Sea Life Centre we took a walk back down The Queens Walk and headed towards Borough Market, where we stopped for a mooch and a sandwich.


We then decided to go an investigate the HMS Belfast which is a Warship that is moored on the Thames. Ben has a huge passion for anything to do with The World Wars so we had already decided we were going to have a look around but thought we might as well take a walk to it whilst we were in the area. We stopped in a pub that looks out over the Ship and had a quick pint and a little rest, whilst Ben read facts to me about the ship.

After we had finished our drinks we hopped on a tube and headed up to Oxford Street so I could have a mooch around Selfridges (mainly because I had never been in before) and we both chatted about a world in which we could afford anything in there, we both had a good laugh with each other and after about half an hour of looking around we set off down to Soho to get me a slice of cake from Crumbs and Doilies, and to have another pint. Since neither of us were hungry enough for dinner (the cake was purchased for later) we decided to have a walk down to James J Fox, which is a Tobacconist and Cigar merchant, to pick up a cheeky cigar for Ben, he smoked it on the way back up to Soho and after a flying visit to Boots to pick up some blister plasters (how very glamorous) we both decided we were hungry and headed towards Bodeans BBQ in Soho.


The food here was really good, and after eating we walked back towards a tube station and headed back to the hotel, where we got curled up in bed and watched The Big Bang Theory.

Honestly it was such a nice day, the sun was shining all day, we were happy all day, we talked, we laughed, it was one of those days where even though we didn’t do much, we enjoyed every second.

Hope you enjoyed this little run down of my birthday adventures. I cannot wait to see what the next year holds for me.

Talk to you soon guys!
Byee xxx



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