August – A Review


Following on from my recent ‘weight gain’ post where I said I wanted to bring back more talky, life related posts, I have decided to bring back my monthly reviews. I stopped doing these a long time ago when I took a step back from blogging, but now that I am back in full swing and loving it, I have decided that I want to bring back the diary style element to this little slice of internet.

August has been a really good month for me, which is surprising.

Obviously we had our trip to London for my birthday, which was amazing. I still think back to it with such fondness, and I still have such a soft spot for London. I think what makes London so special is that my first visit back in March was with Ben, I had never been before and its kinda become like our special place, because I have only been with Ben. But either way, Its a gorgeous city and it makes me happy to be there, every where you turn in London you can find something new and spectacular.

My favourite City.

August was also the month I kinda feel like I found my feet with in my role. Its not something I have mentioned before on here but back in March I made a decision to move to a new department after 5 years, I was leaving my comfort zone, and my team and it was a huge decision for me. In May I finally moved onto my new department and met my new team and because it was so different from what I was used to I really struggled. I had many days where I came home crying, where I was just miserable. I wasn’t fitting in, I wasn’t understanding the new department and I was just miserable. Fast forward to now and I really feel like I’m getting it, I’m asking the right questions, and starting to build a team around me which is great, I’m also happier in the department and things feel like they are falling into place a lot more.

I also got the news that I am moving shift which is something I have been fighting for. When I took the job on the new department the shifts weren’t ideal, but I needed the change. The reason it wasn’t ideal is that it meant Ben and I shared no days off. Now, this has been a thing since we moved in together, we haven’t had days off together that haven’t been booked as holiday and it has really sucked. Ben got stepped up onto another shift for development back in February (we moved in together in January) he then passed his interview and got a permanent job on my department but on the opposite shifts and we just never got time together. But! In this month (September) I move onto the same shifts as Ben, still a different department but it means we will share the same sleeping pattern, so no more 5am alarms on each others days off, and we get days off together again! We can do things together!

I also, for the first time in years started eating cereal again.. So there’s that!

Its been a month of good things, good news, and personal growth. A month I have enjoyed and would happily repeat!

So that’s August summed up. Whats your August been like?

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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