The Michael Kors Vivianne Bag


This post is going to form part one of a two part haul.

A couple days ago my boyfriend and I drove out to York Designer in search of a belated birthday present for me. I had mentioned in August that I wanted a new handbag, and that I would like to be a good quality designer one if possible and at the time, it wasn’t possible, other things took priority so I very happily let my birthday present take a back seat. We travelled to London for my birthday so I didn’t feel like I was missing out and I knew when the time was right, we would go shopping for one. Fast forward to October 1st, and the time was now.

We visited several different shops within the Shopping Centre in the hunt for the perfect bag, starting in Kate Spade. I thought this would be where we found it, I had secretly gotten my hopes up about the prospect of owning a Kate Spade handbag after visiting the Bicester Village store and the Regent Street stores, but after walking around the store for a good while I realised that nothing was jumping out at me, and the only one that I did like wasn’t available in a colour I deemed suitable for everyday use. So we left the store and moved on to other stores before entering Michael Kors.

Now I didn’t think it would be in the price bracket, I knew from the Bicester Village store that Kate Spade could have been about right if I dropped on, but I didn’t know much about Michael Kors, only that I would probably never be able to afford one. However, that wasn’t the case as the store was offering an extra 20% off the already amazing Outlet prices.

We circled the shop and came across the Vivianne, in both small and large and in an array of colours and I fell in love. The sales lady approached us and explained the offer that was on and how much we would be looking to pay for it, I turned to Ben with hopeful eyes and he said both prices were fine, if it was what I wanted, it was what I would get. We left the store to continue our hunt in case anything else cropped up, but my mind was already made up and nothing I saw compared to it, so we went back and a few minutes later a brand new one was placed into a bag, and handed over to me.

This is what she looks like –


I went for the Large size in Ash Grey as I thought it would be the most practical size and colour, Ben also agreed that this colour was the best of the bunch.


The Vivianne comes with silver hardware and a double chain strap that can be pulled through to make it one long strap for cross body / over the shoulder use. The chains are chunky and sturdy feeling which I love.

The leather of this bag is Lambskin and is gorgeously soft to the touch. The lock mechanism feels really secure which is something I was looking for as I am super paranoid about people being able to get into my handbag easily.


Inside the bag has two large pockets and one zippered pocket in the centre. Whilst I had originally thought of getting the small size, I opened it up and placed my phone and car keys inside and realised that I wouldn’t be able to get anything else in there as it wasn’t much wider than my phone (Samsung S9 Plus for those wondering) so I decided the large was the only way to go. Although the large isn’t super massive, its still a really comfortable size when worn over the shoulder.

In total we paid £143 for the bag, which was after the outlet price and further 20% which is a total steal for such a beautiful bag.

I hope you liked this post, I want to make it clear that I am not trying to brag or anything like that, I am just really happy with this bag and wanted to share it in case anyone reading is looking for a new handbag, or just likes bags!

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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