Review – Revolution Extra Spice Palette


Recently I posted a haul of products I had purchased from Makeup Revolution. One of the products I had purchased was the Extra Spice Palette, which was created in collaboration with Sophie, a Youtuber that goes by screen name Sophdoesnails. I had been really eager to get my hands on this but I kept putting it off for various reasons, but since I was putting the order in I added it to my basket.

I have been playing with the pallet over the past couple of days so I wanted to sit down and do a full review of the palette and also share with you a look I had created with this palette.


The palette is housed in a gorgeous rose gold, mirror effect case. Inside it has a large mirror that stretches the full width of the pallet. This for me is a nice touch, however the main draw back is that the outer packaging gets so smudgey and covered in finger printers pretty instantaneously.


The colours inside the pallet are gorgeous, rich warm tones. There are a lot of orangey tones to this palette which might not be to everyones tastes. The palette has a good mix of mattes and shimmers to you have a lot of looks to choose from, and some great pops of colour to use for accents. Over all the colour storey for this palette is stunning.

The eyeshadows themselves are great quality and blend really well, both together and with other shadows. There is minimal fall out, even with the brighter shades. In terms of pigmentation they are all super nice and well pigmented, nothing is too pigmented, they all have a good amount that can be built up to get a desired effect.

The shimmers are lovely although the shade “Everyday” could be brighter and have more of a punch, but due to its subtlety, it does still work well.

For this look I started out with Cookie Dough in the crease and outer edge, I kept blending to buff out the colour, I then went in with Cheesecake to start to deepen the outer edge, blending gently through the crease to add depth, I then added Brownies very lightly to the outer V and brought it down onto the outer portion of lid.

I then added some concealer to the lid to create a sticky base and added Dreams to the centre of the lid, before adding Everyday to the inner corner.

For the lower lash line I added a buffed a mix of Cookie Dough and Cheesecake.

Lashes are by Elf Cosmetics, mascara on the bottom lashes is Loreal Unlimited.


I was very happy with how this look turned out.

Overall I really do love this palette, but I have one complaint.

This palette lacks a matte white/pale shade that could be used to highlight the browbone or inner corner without the need for shimmer. Other than that, this palette is great and I would highly recommend!

Have you tried this palette? What did you think? If you haven’t do you think you will now?

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx


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