Review – Primark Makeup Brushes


Today I wanted to talk about something a little bit different, and something that I don’t often see talked about online. As you can see from the title, that something is Primark Makeup Brushes.

Over the past few years Primark has branched out into beauty and homeware in a major way, and one of the things that they have been releasing is makeup brushes. So over the past year I have been picking them up every now and then to give them a go and to help grow my collection without breaking the bank. Now I can’t speak for their actual makeup because that is something that I actually haven’t yet tried.

They release new ranges every few months, and each range has a varying price point. Some retail for just £1, others can be up to £5, with them also have full face gift sets at around the £10 mark. The £1 range is your basic, bog standard range, whilst the up to £5 range is the more “professional” looking range with brushes that could be dupes for higher end brands like Sigma.

Heres a look at the brushes that I have from the different ranges

Concealer Brush Set – £2.50
HD Kabuki Brush – £3
Flat Top Brush (Not sure of price, probably around £3)
Round Flat Top Brush (One of my personal faves) Again unsure of price, probably around £2-£3
Blending Brush for Eyes (Part of a set with the below)
Fluffy Blending Brush – Part of set with the above – £4 for set
Angled Blending Brush – £1

So I own quite a few, But are they worth it?

To be honest, yeah they really are.

I was quite hesitant at first but I needed a new face brush so I picked one up (The round flat top brush) while I was in Primark just on a whim, I didn’t have high hopes for it but I fell in love with it, very quickly. It blended out my foundation and concealer very quickly and left a really nice effect to the skin.

The eyeshadow brushed are again really great, the black fluffy blender has become my go to brush and I can easily do a full look with just the one brush and some shimmer applied with my finger tips. It blends out effortlessly, doesnt disperse the colour every where and doesn’t pick up a crazy amount of product giving you a chance to build up your eye look.

The brushes I own have been washed numerous times with baby shampoo and I have had no issues. They all keep their shape really well and don’t loose their bristles.

I would say for the money and the accessibility, there isn’t much out there that is better. Obviously there are brushes that are better but for £4.. where else can you find a good set of blending brushes that actually work?

Overall I would highly recommend checking out the Primark range of brushes if you get a chance or are in the market for something new to add to your collection. The range of ‘Gift Sets’ is pretty good as well so you can get a chance to try more without breaking the bank!

Hope you enjoyed this. Have you tried any of the brushes from Primark, or even any of the beauty products? I’d love to hear from you.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx 

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