First Impressions – Ciaté Patent Pout Lip Lacquer


First things first, I would like to apologise for missing Fridays upload. I had been at work all day and when I came home we had to go straight out to sort some paperwork out for something that is really exciting (but I will talk to you all about that in more depth later on) So yeah, by the time I got home I was already late posting and had nothing prepped so I decided not to post at all, instead of posting something rushed and not worth reading I figured it would be better to just miss the day completely. But yeah, I apologise, but we’re back today with something that is planned, and hopefully worth reading, so jump in.

Today I wanted to share with you my initial thoughts, and a more in depth look, at the Ciaté Patent Pout Lip Glosses that I recently picked up from TK Maxx. I picked up mine from the clearance section, but I have been into 2 different Stores since buying these and they still have them, sometimes at full price, sometimes on clearance, I think it depends on the store.

So what are the Patent Pout Lip Lacquers?

They are a essentially a gloss that combines the high impact colour of a lipstick with the high shine of a gloss, creating a maximum pigment, opaque gloss with a rich vinyl shine.

I chose 3 shades that I thought were the most wearable, and the ones that I was most drawn to, so lets have a look at the colours.

Air Kiss 
Air Kiss 

The first shade Air Kiss is a gorgeous baby pink, this is probably the most ‘wearable’ shade I purchased in terms of, it goes with more or less any outfit, any eye look and any occasion.


The second shade, Abracadabra, is a deeper Pink / Purple shade, a perfect shade for Fall.


The third shade, Bombshell, is a classic, blue toned red.

The first thing I thought when I tried these was along the lines of ‘oh my god the shine’, but after a moment I started to really take in how impressive the colour pay off was. None of these skipped, or were patchy, they covered my lips in one, maybe two dips of the product.

The shine is to die for, its rich, and really has that vinyl, wet look to it. These are slightly sticky, but they are a thicker gloss so I think that is to be expected, but it isn’t too much, unless you absolutely despise sticky gloss.

The doe foot applicator is lovely and hugs the curves of your lips, depositing the right amount of colour without leaving clumps or dragging too much colour away from an area.

I can’t speak for the longevity of these products because I didn’t wear them for long, I kinda tried them on, wiped them off and moved on to the next colour, but what I will say is they are super impressive.

I paid £2.50, and even with the name Ciaté on the front of the tube, I still didn’t have high hopes, but these seriously impressed me with their glossy, high pigmented formula.

Overall, upon first impressions I love these.

They can be purchased from TK Maxx if you can find them, and if not you can find them online at

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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