Whats In My – ASOS x Bobbi Brown Box


A couple of days ago I was browsing the New In section of ASOS and I came across this Bobbi Brown ‘Party Box’ and decided that for the price, it was too good to miss, so I popped it in my basket and waited for the mail man to arrive the next day.

Sadly, this box is no longer available to order, however I wanted to still talk about it as this is something ASOS seem to do a lot, but with different brands (A recent one was done with Clinique) so its worth bringing to your attention in case they do a new one.

The box featured 6 deluxe sized samples of some of Bobbi Brown’s Bestsellers for the low cost of £15 so for me this was a great way to try some really hyped up products, without breaking the bank.

So lets take a look at what came inside –

Crushed Lip Colour – Babe – Full Size RRP £24.50
Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm – Bare Glow – Full Size RRP £45
Extra Repair Moisture Cream – Full Size RRP £68
Long Wear Cream Shadow – Beach Bronze – Full Size RRP £21.50
Vitamin Enriched Face Base – Full Size RRP £44
Smokey Lash Mascara – Full Size RRP £25

As I mentioned these are all Deluxe Samples, there is nothing in this box that is full size, however what is most impressive is that all the products are filled to the brim, so even though you are only getting a small amount of the product, they have really tried to give you the best chance to try it. That being said, with the cream shadow, you would potentially never finish it, even though its only a sample.

Although I am yet to give these products a full go, I have swatched and dipped my fingers in all the products, and the first thing that came to mind is how luxurious the face creams feel. You can tell its a higher end brand, and the quality is definitely there.

I cannot wait to really put these products to the test and I will be sure to keep you all up to date with how they perform.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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