Cake International – A Day Out And A Haul


A few months ago Ben’s (my boyfriend for those of you who are new) Mum and Sister invited me along to Cake International at the Birmingham NEC, and of course, being a baking enthusiast myself I jumped at the chance. Originally when I was asked to go it fell on my day off, but due to a recent shift change I had to then book it off as a holiday.

Fast forward to last Friday and our day out had arrived. I finished work on Thursday night at 11pm and had to be at Ben’s Parents house for 7:30am so to say I felt a bit zombified is an understatement. I arrived at their house a little bit early and we sat about talking and waiting for the 4th member of our party (A friend of Ben’s Mum that had agreed to drive us all there) who arrived on the dot at 7:30.

With the dogs sent to bed, and the four of us bundled into the car, our journey began.. and I still had very little idea where we were going. I had more or less heard the word “cake” and gone “yeah I’ll go”.

Basically in case, like me, you have no idea about Cake International, its a 2 day event in which people from all over the world enter their cakes into competitions separated into  various categories to be judged, but along side this massive cake show, is a huge market selling everything for making cakes, including sprinkles, cases, baking pans, fondant, cake boards.. you name it, it was probably there. There were also master classes in how to make certain items and much more in between. Just next door to Cake International there was a huge Craft market, including knitting, painting, card making and a Christmas market including hand made tree decorations, gifts, and food.. lots of food.

We arrived just before the doors opened, and because Bens mum and sister had been before they consider themselves to be experts and I was instructed to stay close and not to wander off (Because naturally, I would get distracted and would probably get lost). We headed in and began our first lap of the whole building.

We went on day one of the show which meant that most of the cakes were blocked off whilst they were being judged, but we were mainly there for the market aspect, you see Bens Mum and her Friend are both Cake Decorators and make all kinds of amazing cakes for Birthdays/Christenings/Weddings etc so they needed to stock up on a few bits for their businesses, and at Cake International most things are at a discounted trade price. So this was our main objective, looking at amazing cakes was secondary.

Like seriously though..
How amazing are these? And yes.. They are made of cake!

After our first lap we stopped and had some lunch, we had scouted out the best deals and were now ready to go back in and buy the bits we needed. Apparently you shouldn’t buy straight away because you may find the same thing cheaper on another stall. We bought the things we all wanted, had a steady walk around the Christmas side of the event, then headed for a coffee and some cake before setting off back home.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, I am an enthusiast but my skills are limited to cupcakes, and brownies. I am not skilled enough to do a proper cake like Ben’s Mum, so the things I purchased are mainly cupcake related, but even so, I thought it would be fun to show you what I picked up. I won’t be including prices, because frankly, I don’t really know how much each thing was, I just picked up what I thought I would need.

So lets take a look at what I picked up –

18in Piping Bags
Open Star Piping Nozzle 
Drop Flower Nozzle 
Piping Nozzle 
Small Piping Bags
Gel Food Colours – Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Fuchsia, Lavender, Sky Blue
Reusable Baking Sheets – Ben’s Mum absolutely raves about these!
Cupcake Cases
Sprinkles – Chocolate Poppin’ Candy & Funfetti 
Butterfly Sprinkles
Pink Cupcake Cases – These and the butterfly sprinkles are actually in one tub
Tulip Muffin Cases

I actually had the an amazing day out, we laughed all day and I really felt like I had bonded with Ben’s Mum and his Sister (she even calls me her little sister now!)

If you made it to this point you deserve a high five and a cupcake. But in all seriousness I hope if you did make it this far that you enjoyed this post. Its a bit different to my usual posts but I still really wanted to share this with you all. Let me know in the comments if you like this kind of post, I love hearing from you guys!

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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