Review – Bliss Super Cala Fabulips


A couple of weeks ago I had dragged my boyfriend out shopping (Obviously his favourite past-time) and we headed into TKMaxx.. Is anyone shocked by this? No? Thought not!

As I was looking at literally everything they had on offer, I spotted this little gift set from Bliss and instantly spun round to find Ben and said “Can I get this?” He was like “Yeah, you get what you want” so I gripped it a bit tighter and carried it around until we got everything that we wanted.


The kit comes with two products, a sugar scrub and a balm and I paid £7.99 at TKMaxx. The packaging on this one is super nice, it came in a pretty blue box, with this two housed in a silver unit carton. The white packing is really nice, it doesn’t feel overly cheap which I like, although the Lip Balm does come up a bit fast when you twist it, but thats something I got used to quite early on.

Starting with the lip scrub –

As you can see, its been well loved so far!

I actually really like this. I don’t have much experience with scrubs in a pot, so this was a bit different for me. The only other lip scrub in a pot that I can remember using is the Lush one in Bubblegum, that was like straight up sugar. I have also used the ELF cosmetics one in a stick, and again that was pretty harsh and abrasive.

What I like about this is that its base is very nourishing and conditioning, containing numerous vitamins, as well as Jojoba oil and coco butter. The exfoliant contains walnut and almond shell as well as a smooth grained sugar. It isn’t too harsh on the lips, doesn’t leave them hurting or stinging but does leave them feeling super soft and nourished.

The lip scrub is scented with orange and vanilla so as you can imagine the smell on this is divine.


The Lip Balm is made up of the same base as the scrub, so has all the same nourishment from Jojoba oil and Shea butter, along with a healthy amount of Vitamins, including Vitamin E. Its works to repair hydration levels, and nourish the lips whilst protecting against dryness and environmental factors that can lead to dryness.

On the lips this product glides on and leaves everything feeling conditioned and plump, and together they make the perfect team for preparing lips for liquid lipsticks.

I love this kit, and I am so glad I managed to pick it up. Honestly if I see another one the next time I am in TKMaxx I will definitely be picking it up and stashing it away for when I run out of this one!

Have you tried this product? Whats your favourite lip balm? I’d love to hear from you.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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