Review – Bleach London Rose Shampoo


A few weeks back I was in my local boots looking for a new purple shampoo to take away some of the brassy, yellow tones in my hair caused by the fact that I am a natural dark brunette that has her bleached.. a lot. While I was there I stumbled across the Bleach London line of hair colours and a shampoo that claimed it would give my hair a soft pink tint. I came home and discussed this with Ben, asking if he would be okay with me having pink hair and he said “its your hair, you do what you want” so the next day we went back and came home with the shampoo.


The product claims to neutralise green tones, and leave blonde hair with a soft pink tint. It gives no real instructions other than “lather onto wet hair, leave for 2-3 minutes, rinse”. So that’s what I did.

I have no pictures of the results of this because last week was a work week, and I basically gave 0 fucks about my appearance so I wasn’t exactly in a state to be taking selfies with my pink hair. However..

Yes, this stuff did turn my hair pink. A really nice, cotton candy pink, nothing overbearing like the actually colour of the shampoo. I got loads of compliments at work, people telling me to go pink permanently, people telling me to not go any pinker, others just saying how nice it looks. No-one could believe I had just used a shampoo to get the colour.

But.. and there’s a big but.. It wasn’t even. Some parts of my hair were really pink, others were still the same shade of pink they had been before I started using it. It didnt matter how long I left it on for, or how I applied it, some of my hair just didn’t take the pink. I also found that if you used a regular amount of shampoo.. it did nothing, there was no ‘Tint’ so you needed to use a lot and really saturate the hair in product before lathering it in order to get a nice pink tint.

The product is £6.50 a bottle, and its not a huge bottle to begin with so needing to use a lot of product meant I burnt through the bottle in a week (I wash my hair every day, so you get around 7 washes, maybe less if you have long hair).

The tint washes out as soon as you stop using this product, literally I have washed mine twice and its back to blonde, so the effect is not long lasting, nor is it supposed to be. In terms of it being a shampoo, it did a nice job, was super moisturising and left my hair clean, nicely scented and super soft, so no complaints there.

I think if you already had pink hair, this would be a great product to keep the colour vibrant but otherwise, I’m not sure its worth the money.

I hope you found this helpful, maybe you have seen the product and wondered about it. Let me know if you have tried this, or something similar. I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Talk to you soon! 
Byee xxx


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