I Bleached My Hair At Home..

Yes, you read the title correctly. I bleached my hair, at home, well sort of. I didn’t use straight up Bleach but I did use a platinum blonde box dye that claimed it could lighten hair by up to 8 shades, so I guess that counts as bleaching? Right?

Anyway, yes, I decided in my wisdom to colour my hair at home. I am no stranger to box dyes, I had been box dying my hair since I was around 16 before I decided to go blonde. Why did I decide to colour it at home this time? Because frankly I didn’t have the money lying around, or the free time to go to the salon again to have it bleached, and to be honest, the last time I went, I didn’t come out 100% happy with the colour. I had left it a while, my roots had grown out a lot (My hair is quite dark naturally)  so when they were bleached they went kinda orangey, and my hair just didn’t come out the way I had hoped. I guess that’s why I dabbled with the pink shampoo.

On Sunday Ben and I were in Tesco and I dragged him down the hair colourant aisle to have a look at what was available, the different colours/shades and to answer some internal questions that I had. What did I want to do, Did I want to colour it all.. Did I want to go back brunette.. yes, that thought occurred to me too. In the end I picked up a L’Oreal Preference hair colour, in Extreme Platinum.


After I bought this dye I went home and started reading reviews and the reviews were not in my favour. The majority of people were saying how bad it is, how it had turned their hair orange, and how it had completely dried out their hair, some were defending it and saying how great it is. I started to get really cold feet about the whole thing, even saying to Ben “what am I getting myself into?”

In the end I decided to play it super safe and do a strand test, which is something I highly encourage you to do if your ‘Bleaching’ your hair at home. I figured I would rather ruin a half inch section of my hair than all of it, and if it didn’t work I would be able to cover that section with the rest of my hair and noone would ever need to know.

I sat down at my vanity last night, with a towel around my neck and started to mix the dye. This bit was a little bit time consuming as the dye comes with three different products that you combine to create the dye, which seems easy enough, but one of the products is a powder that you have to get into a small opening. I am clumsy AF so I really struggled to do this without spilling it. I then sectioned my hair into two main sections – one on top, one at the bottom (because its short) and left a small, half inch amount down so that I could use it as my test strand.

After mixing the dye and applying it to the test section, I let it develop for a half hour and rinsed the section clean. I came to the conclusion that it A) had lightened it, and B) hadn’t killed it.Something I want to make really clear, I was not expecting my hair to come out looking any where near the colour on the front of the box.

So I went ahead and coloured the rest of my hair, leaving the colour to develop for 45 minutes. I then hopped in the shower, rinsed and applied their brass defying conditioner, leaving that on for 10 minutes, before rinsing my hair clean blow drying it.

A couple of things I want to mention about this product and this experience as a whole –

  1. Yes it did lighten my hair, definitely not by 8 shades, but it is lighter.
  2. It actually managed to lighten my roots a little. I have dark roots by design and accidentally got the bleach too high in some places, but it managed to lift the roots without turning bright orange.
  3. My hair doesn’t feel at all like it has been bleached. This might be a reflection on my hair not the product as my stylist always says to me “you would never know I had just bleached your hair. It’s so soft” Literally every time I go for it bleaching she says this.
  4. My scalp actually hurt for about an hour after, not like a burning pain but like a bruise? I don’t think that makes sense but thats how it felt. It went away before I went to bed so I’m not overly concerned by it.

Thanks to the English weather and the fact that I finish work after its already dark I don’t have a good before and after picture. My hair is still not perfect, and it is still kind of yellowish instead of white blonde but my colour is a lot better now as the majority of the orange is gone from it. My hair is brighter, lighter (maybe 2 shades) and the colour looks clean and fresh.

Would I do it again? Erm, yes probably. Not all the time, as I like to get my hair cut and coloured at the same time but I think in between cuts I would definitely look at doing this again. I am actually thinking of using a White Toner next time instead of bleach to try and counteract the yellow, Or maybe I will go for a more ashy toned dye as opposed to a platinum blonde.. maybe try and get it to look a bit more ‘natural’. Who knows… maybe I will actually dye it pink.

For now though I am actually happy with the results, and more importantly I am happy my hair didn’t fall out or turn to straw!!

Hope you found this helpful, or just entertaining. Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this type of post.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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