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The Cardiff Trip

Several months ago, I think it was back in September, Ben and I decided to book a night away in a city and go visit a Christmas market. After some googling of Best Christmas Markets, we decided to go to Cardiff. It was a city neither of us had been to before, and it had what looked to be a pretty decent market. So with the destination agreed upon, I picked a hotel, and the night away was booked.

Fast forward to this past weekend and the time was finally here. After finishing work at 11pm on Saturday, we awoke.. not early by any means and through some bits into a bag for our over night stay. The majority of my section included my daily makeup and skin care, a change of clothes and my hair dryer (I’ll be damned if I trust a hotel hair dryer to dry my hair). A couple hours later, after we had dropped the dog off at Ben’s parents (They happen to have our dogs mum and brother) and we were on the road.

What I don’t think either of us had realised, was that Cardiff was an almost 4 hour drive from where we live. But never the less, we hopped onto the motorway and off we went. We stopped once for a cheeky Starbucks, because lets face it, its mandatory on a road trip.

When we arrived in Cardiff at around 8pm (as I said, we didn’t get up particularly early), checked in, dropped our bags and immediately went back out to find a pub / restaurant for some food, and Ben a much needed pint.

We found a pub that looked promising, settled into our table and started browsing the menu. I went with my usual.. a burger, and Ben went with his usual.. Steak and ale pie. We are simple folk. I got us both a drink, Bens with alcohol, mine without, and we chilled out and began to watch the football match that was playing. After what seemed like literally 5 minutes, food was at our tables, and we got stuck in.

We headed back to the hotel bar just after half time, and got cosy on the sofa with another drink before heading up to bed once the game had ended.

Neither of us slept very well. I for one never sleep well in a hotel.. The constant movement of others outside the room, the new environment, the bedding, and worst for me, the TV across from the bed. This is something I could never have in my home. Ben had put a Liam Neeson film on as I tried to go to sleep but I couldn’t settle properly because of the noise. I think Ben fell asleep around 3am? I had been trying on and off since around midnight.

I woke up at 7am, my alarm set for 8am. I tried to get back to sleep but to no avail to I just laid their until 7:58 when I decided enough was enough. I got in the shower, did my hair and makeup, got dressed and got everything packed up ready for us to leave. At around 9:45 after I had exhausted all my usual internet outlets, I woke Ben up and by 10:30 we were out of the door, the over night bag back in the car and we set off towards the market.


When we arrived at the market, we were really disappointed. The market was kinda tiny, so we had seen it all with in around 20 minutes, but never the less we had another slow mooch around the stalls, taking in what was on offer and then decided to walk around the city a little bit and see what else there was on offer.


I have to say, Cardiff itself is beautiful, the mix of old and new, the churches in the middle of the centre, everything about it is stunning, but the reason we had gone had left us feeling really deflated.


After about two hours of slow mooching, we had purchased a single bottle of Gin for my Dad (a tradition we now have is that I purchase him one from where ever I visit) a fridge magnet for Bens mum, and a keyring for me. Completely defeated at this point we headed back to the car.

After a couple of hours on the road, our Sat-Nav took us off the motorway due to traffic, and we ended up in a teeny tiny village, in what felt like the middle of no where. We found a pub there and decided to call in for some lunch as neither of us had eaten. Ben chose a burger, I chose a sandwich and we talked, and laughed.


A few hours later and we were home, reunited with our doggo.

Despite the disappointing market, we actually had a lovely time reconnecting with each other. I have had a pretty rough time at work, Ben has been super busy at work, and I think at some point in time we had forgotten what was important. Us.

This year has been a surprisingly challenging one for us as a couple, but at least its ending on a good note… More on that later 😉

Hope you enjoyed this.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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