Late Night Shopping, and Dinner Dates

Hey everyone,

In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to start posting more Diary Style posts, in which I talk about what I have been doing, where I have been going or just simply how I have been feeling.

Since I’m still unpacking from the move, and I have been living out of a tiny makeup bag full of my absolute essentials, I haven’t had a chance to get anything prepped for a review or a post of that nature, however I have spent the weekend going out and about with Ben and I figured I could just talk about that until I have some photography sorted out (I am working on creating a space just for blog photography so once I have that sorted things should improve around here 😛 )

Anyway, this past couple of weeks have been spent moving out of one house, into a new house, going back to clean the old house, and working. I have honestly felt so cooped up its been unreal. I hadn’t felt like this in a while so on Friday I got home from work and proclaimed to Ben that we were going out. He asked me where I wanted to go so I told him I wanted to go to a little shopping outlet thats about a 30 minute drive from where we live, then said we could stop off at a pub for dinner. He agreed and about 20 minutes later, after a quick change, we were on our way.

I love driving with Ben because its a chance for us to be away from our phones, our work emails, computers and basically everyone else. Its a time for us to be alone, and to just talk, which I adore. We laughed, we bitched about things that were pissing us off at work and we just enjoyed the drive.

We arrived at the shopping outlet, parked in our usual area, and headed inside. Its only a small outdoor shopping outlet but we had only planned to be there for about an hour anyway so we didn’t mind. We walked in and out of a couple of the shops and picked up a few goodies along the way. We had originally planned to get a Starbucks but as we were going straight to the pub we decided against it. A little while later, and with bags in hand we back in the car and on the way to the one of our favourite little pubs for dinner.

We sat in the pub at a little table by the radiator and started to browse the menu. Ben went with Steak and Ale pie, a classic and also his usual. I went for Fish and Chips, again a classic, and one that I have order before. We enjoyed our food and set off back home. It had been a long day, we had both been up since 5am and by this point it was close to 8pm. We were tired. We got home and put an episode of Castle on before promptly falling asleep on the sofa. We crawled up to bed at around 10pm ready to get up again at 5am.

The following day I got home from work and quickly got changed ready to go back out shopping. This time it was a prearrange trip because I was running out of my daily make up.. and my hair spray had ran out.. and I needed face wipes.. you get the idea. I was upstairs curling my hair quickly when Ben came up to chat, whilst he was sat beside me, he got a call from his mum asking if we wanted to go up to their’s for a few drinks and a game of cards. We both agreed we would go after our shopping trip and once I was ready we dropped the dog off with them and headed out.

We blitzed around the shops, only going in ones I needed to go in (we didn’t even go into TKMaxx!!) and then stopped at Wagamama for some dinner. Again this little dinner date had been prearranged as we both LOVE a Wagamama. We got seated at the kitchen area where you can watch the Chefs at work whilst you eat and after we were finished we headed back home to drop the car off before heading to Bens parents house. They only live about a 5 minute walk from us so we didn’t need the car and I wanted to drop off my bags.

We arrived at Bens Parents and within minutes Ben had a pint of John Smiths and I was given a bottle of my Alcohol Free Kopparberg. We cleared off their dining room table and all sat around it so they could teach me their favourite card game. We were there for about 3 hours just playing cards, swapping stories and laughing.

I love Bens parents because they have really made me feel like part of the family. Its such a wonderful feeling that I have never felt before. They make me feel at home in their home and its just lovely and heartwarming.

By 11pm we were back home and curled up on the sofa with our dog. Our wonderful little family alone again in our new home. It was a blissful ending to a wonderful weekend and we still had two days off to go. But we had planned to do nothing on the Sunday except go out and get stuff so that I could cook a roast dinner (which by the way, was amazing, if I do say so myself!)

So that was my weekend. A weekend of shopping, good food and good fun. I will be posting a haul in the coming days of all the things I have purchased this weekend once I get the space set up so you can look forward to that!

Hope you enjoyed this type of post, I have missed writing like this, I just wish I had some pictures to share with you as well. But as I mentioned in my last post, that’s something I am going to really work on this year.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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