A Small Beauty Haul

I swear, I do more than just shop. However, I am back again with another haul, this time focused on beauty products.

I had dragged Ben to the local shopping centre because I needed to replace my concealer as it was empty. I had attempted to replace it the last time we had been shopping but they were sold out of literally every shade, so we made another trip earlier this week.

So lets jump in to what I purchased.

The first place I went was Superdrug, with the sole intention of getting a new concealer

Makeup Revolution Supersize Conceal And Define Concealer – Shade C1 – £7

Which I found! They actually for once had both the big bottle and the smaller bottle of this, which is rare because my local Superdrug is nearly always sold out.

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask – £2.99

When we were queuing to pay I spotted this and decided that I had to give it a try.

Bonus Mini Review –

I actually tried this out the other night and it was lovely. I will say the sizing of the mask is a little bit off, like it came over my eye area a bit more than I would have liked, and the eye holes were a bit small, so it wasn’t the most comfy mask to wear. But the results were amazing. My skin was baby soft and felt ultra hydrated.

As a once in a while treat, I’d give this a solid thumbs up.

Next I popped into Boots.

I had no reason to go into Boots, but as we were walking through the shopping centre Ben lead me towards it and said “I thought you might like to have a look?”

I couldn’t say no to that.

Sleek Liquid Lipstick and Nail Polish Set – £3 – Marked down from £6

The photo isn’t doing the colour of these any justice at all. They are gorgeous IRL.

I saw these when I was having a steady mooch around the last of the Christmas Goodies and for £3 I figured why the heck not.

The kit comes with a Matte Liquid Lipstick, and matching Nail Polish. So for £3 its an absolute steal.

Lancomé Hypnóse Mascara Wardrobe – £16.66 – Marked down from Around £30

This kit comes with 1 full size mascara, and 3 deluxe mini mascaras.

I very rarely go near the makeup counters in Boots and I find the staff really over whelming, like as soon as I go near a counter there is a person who comes out of no where and is like “Hi do you need help?!”. I hate it. So I tend to steer clear, but on this occasion I saw the box of mascara and was drawn in. I then saw the price and was like “Oh hell yes.”

I picked it up and Ben said “I take it your getting that?” I looked at him and was like “how can I not? The full size mascara alone is £25 and I’m getting all this for £17”

He agreed. Bargain.

I will 100% be doing a full review of the Mascaras when I try them so keep your eyes peeled for that.

The last stop, Wilko.

Not usually a place I would associate with beauty products, but Wilko is possibly the only UK based store that stocks Essence Cosmetics, creators of one of my favourite mascaras.

Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara – £3.30 

I reviewed this last April (Here) and have been in love with it ever since. I go back and forth with mascara but I always come back to this one.

Its lovely and for £3.30 its one of the best.

Essence Camouflage + Matt Concealer – £3

This I just got on a whim, I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t comment on the coverage or anything but I was interested in it because it has a bold claim for its £3 price tag.

A lot of this things I have bought here I will 100% reviewing so as I mentioned, keep your eyes peeled.

Hope you enjoyed this little beauty haul.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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