Two Years Together

Back in January 2017, I got a boyfriend, and two years later, we are still together, still as happy as ever.

Ben and I met through work, and became friends really quickly. We had everything in common.. same taste in music, both loved video games, both loved star wars. The connection was instant and undeniable.

We spent about 18 months being “just friends” but we couldn’t deny there was a real connection, and feelings that went beyond friendship. He had a girlfriend the entire time we knew each other, and not long after we met, they moved in together. I helped them move, and met the girlfriend several times after that. But she didn’t like me, and I didn’t like her, we definitely weren’t friends but we were civil.

In September 2016 their relationship ended, and it was hard for Ben. He moved back in with his parents and a few months later, we decided to start dating and see how things went.

About a month after we started dating I was offered a promotion at work. It was the job Ben had been trying to get for years, and that was possibly the hardest part of our whole relationship. He had to stand by and watch me do the job he wanted. I thought about turning it down because I knew what it would do to him but he, and the people who offered me it told me I would be stupid to, so I took the job.

After a couple of weeks it got easier for him, and our relationship got back on track. At this point we weren’t in a relationship, we were going out for dinner together, and he spent the night once each week, but Ben wasn’t ready to commit to more than that, and I was prepared to wait until he was to give it a proper shot.

Throughout January 2017, I kept saying to him “Be my boyfriend?” and he kept telling me no, he wasn’t ready. On January 18th, we were curled up in bed, and I looked at him and asked him again, “be my boyfriend?” half joking, half serious, only this time he looked down at me and said “okay”. I spent the rest of day randomly asking if he was serious, and each time I asked, he told me he was.

In June 2017 we went on our first road trip. We headed to Edinburgh, spent a few nights there, then moved on to Glasgow, and from Glasgow we went to the Lake District before heading home.

The first photo we took together

We went to my mums house when we got back, and she said “you have never looked so happy. I thought this trip would either make you, or break you. Its clear now that it has made you”

She was right, I had never looked, or been as happy as I was when I was with him.

In October 2017 we went to Cornwall for the first time, and it was blissful. I think it was around this point that we had a real bug for travelling. Neither of us has seen much of the country and we were eager to explore it together.

Perfect fresh cornish fish and chips


In January 2018 we moved in together. I moved out of the house I was renting, and Ben moved out of his parents. We chose a house together, a house that was ‘ours’. We brought Ben’s dog with us and became a little family unit.

In March we celebrated Ben’s Birthday in London, The first time I had ever been. I promptly fell in love with the City and was desperate to return. I think I booked our return to London in around April, not long after we got back.

Together In Our Favourite Place
In June we travelled back to Cornwall, staying in a different town, and visiting different places. It was amazing how a 3 day trip could spark so much joy, not just this trip but every trip we went on. Getting away and being together without work, or our computers and just reconnecting was amazing. We always came back feeling like a weight had been lifted and we could breathe again.

In August we returned to London for my birthday. This time travelling by train, which was a much better idea than driving. We stayed further into the city meaning that getting around was much faster than the first time when we had stayed on the outskirts. (I adore London and have already booked to go back for my birthday in August #Cannotwait)

In October 2018 we were given an opportunity to buy our first home. We started viewing properties and found a two bedroom house a few streets away from Ben’s parents, in the area he had lived for years. The house were perfect for us, and as soon as we got home from the viewing I rang up to put an offer in. A few calls and offers later and our final offer had been accepted. The seller wanted the asking price, and not a penny less.

Two months later in December, we completed the mortgage process and the house was ours. We picked the keys up and spent the next few weeks moving our stuff into our home.

Which brings us to now, January 2019. Ben and I are still as happy as we were two years ago. He completes me, and makes me feel like a better person. He accepts me the way I am, illness, flaws, chubby bits and ever changing hair colour. He loves me, for me, and has never tried to change me. He lets me figure it out on my own, and just supports me when I need it, picks me up and dusts me off when things go wrong. He is there for me when I need a cuddle, and he is the voice in my head telling me “you can do this”. He is everything I have ever wanted, and everything I could ever need.

We have had a magical two years together, and I have seen more in the two years I have been with him than I had ever imagined.

I cannot wait for the next two years together, spending more time travelling, making this house feel like a home. Putting our stamp on it. Maybe getting a second dog.

My favourite person, looking at his favourite car
Who knows what the future holds, all I know is, I don’t care what happens, as long as I am with him.

Thanks for reading!

Talk to you soon
Byee xxx


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