Review – Beautyblvd Divine Hydra-Gel Lip Mask

It feels like forever since I posted a good old fashion review, but here we are. A full month into the new year but I am finally back with one.

Today I wanted to talk about a product I tried out the other day, and one that left me pretty disappointed, that product is the Divine Hydra-Gel Lip Mask from a brand called BeautyBlvd.

I got this product in a Glossybox that I purchased before christmas and they had been sitting in a box for quite a while as after we moved it took me ages to unpack my makeup collection, and then even after that I still just didn’t find time to use them.

But the other day, my lips were dry, chapped and just pretty gross. Lip balm and exfoliation just weren’t cutting it any more and I remembered about these so a couple of days ago I broke them out and gave one a try.


When you open the outer packet, this is what the mask looks like. You get two in a pack, and they retail at £7.50. The mask is formulated with Green Tea extract,  Red Seaweed Plant and Hyaluronic Acid for hydration, along with Red Wine extract and Collagen to plump and smooth.

I can’t say I felt any kind of result from these. The recommend you leave them on for at least 10 minutes, which I did. My lips felt the same after the ten minutes were up as they did before this went on and I found that to be very frustrating.

Another thing I found frustrating was the application process. Yes, it is pretty much a put on and wait kinda application but it was so fiddly and annoying. Firstly, they were too big for my tiny mouth and secondly, they didn’t stick in place so I had to constantly touch them and press them down, then it would move and one part wouldn’t be fully covering my lip, and the whole thing was just a bit meh. I think I expected them to be a bit more like a sheet mask that just contours and sticks in place and doesn’t move but alas, they were not like that.

Overall I was super disappointed by these in their entirety. The description reads like they are going to be wonderful, but I didn’t get the results I was expecting.

Will I use the other one? Yeah, because it would be a shame to waste it.

Will I repurchase? Lip masks, yes. This one in particular, no.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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