January – A Look Back

I want to bring back “monthly reviews” where I review, the you know.. month. I started doing this last year, and slowly but surely it fizzled out and I stopped doing it. But this year I wanted to focus on ‘Diary’ posts and more life related content instead of being all about the makeup and the beauty world. I wanted to have a more balanced blog and a better mix of content.

So lets jump into it..

January for me dragged so much. It honestly felt like the longest month ever. I don’t really know why either. It started out fine, we were settling into the new house. Still working on trying to balance unpacking boxes, with working 40 hours a week. It took me until a couple weeks into January to finally unpack all my make up. I had been living out of a small makeup bag for weeks because I just hadn’t been able to find time to do it.

I took a day to just focus on unpacking what was remaining, to look at what we needed to keep, where to put it and things like that. I reorganised my nail polish collection in order to make it pretty and actually got rid of a couple that I was like “why is this even in here?”. Once I had done that I felt at peace with the whole moving process and it now felt like time to start planning what we were going to do with the house.

This preparation phase started with the garden, and resulted in us being taken to different places with Ben’s Dad to look at paving stones and bricks in order to work out what we liked and what we didn’t, what we wanted and what wouldn’t work. We designed the plan for the garden, including measurements and costings and after a few days we were happy with the plans. We haven’t done anything about it yet, but when we are ready, we have a good, solid plan and design.

We also started planning what we were going to be doing on the inside of the house, and looking at different colour schemes for each room. But one of the most importance things we did in terms of planning and designing, was actually going out and buying a new sofa. I purchased my current sofa’s second hand after a bad break up left me needing some where to live and a way to furnish it and to be honest, I didn’t like them when I bought them but I needed them and was in no position to be picky, so now that we had bought our house it was time to get a new one. We decided up on a corner sofa so that we can both lounge out, and whilst purchasing the sofa, we also decided to order some laminate flooring. The whole process was wonderful, the staff were really helpful, evening bringing out the flooring samples so that we could see it up against the sofa we were buying. They helped us with everything and I actually really enjoyed the experience. I came away from it feeling like a grown up, which sounds a bit ridiculous when you consider I just bought a house but like, there was something about buying a sofa and some flooring that just made me feel like a fully fledged adult.

Outside of things to do with the house, January has been pretty uneventful, I mean, yes we had our anniversary but I already posted about that so there is no point in going over it again, and at the same time, we were at work on our actually anniversary so didn’t celebrate till a few days later and even then we didn’t really celebrate or do anything out of the ordinary, but outside of that, it feels like it has been all work and no play.

January as a whole felt like a pretty ‘Blah’ month and I am excited to see if February can offer up anything a bit more exciting.

I realise this has been a bit of a dull post, but hey, a dull post to end a dull month. It seems fitting.

How was your January? I’d love to hear about it.

Talk to you soon
Byee xxx


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