Solo Shopping & A Haul

Over the past weekend I made the decision that I wanted to go shopping, by myself for a change and really take the time to try on clothing before buying it, instead of just sticking to my usual go to pieces. I usually always go with Ben because it offers an opportunity to spend quality time together, we go shopping, have a mooch, then head off for something to eat, and we usually make an evening of it. However this time, because I really wanted to try things on, and I determined it was unfair to make Ben stand around holding my handbag whilst scrolling through his phone, I left him at home with the doggo.

I got up fairly late for a Sunday, feeling like I had been hit by a truck. I had come down with a cold over night, I had felt pretty ‘Meh’ on Saturday evening but by Sunday I was just felt awful. This didn’t stop me though and after a quick shower, I threw on some makeup, did my hair, got dressed into clothing that I determined was easy to get on and off , kissed Ben goodbye and I was off. I think there was less than an hour between me waking up and me getting into my car.

I headed out knowing I wanted a pair of jeans. I have pretty much exclusively worn leggings for the past like two years, asides from a couple of occasions where I have worn a dress or a skirt, but jeans? I didn’t even own a pair. I had a pair of Jeggings but I hate them, they don’t fit right so I wanted jeans. That was the end goal of my trip.

I arrived at the shopping centre and went in the direction of the New Look store where I tired on several pairs but with no luck. The jeans didn’t fit right, or didn’t look right on me when they were on so I gave them back to the assistant and was about to leave when I saw the sale rails. I had a quick look up and down and came across two items that I really liked.

New Look Jumper with Stripe and Button Detail – Sale Price £14 – Original RRP £19.99

Still available online – Here

Oversized Leopard Print Cardigan – Sale Price £14 – Original RRP £27.99

Still available online – Here

After purchasing my items from New Look, I headed to Primark. I picked up four different styles of jeans, and took them all to the changing room to try on. I came out liking only one pair out of the four, but liking them enough to buy them. I went back to get a second colour, hoping to get them in all three.. you know the age old rule of “if you like something, buy it in every colour before they stop selling it forever” well that was a rule I wanted to put into place. I grabbed the jeans and then went for a mooch around the rest of the store but didn’t end up picking up that much more.

Ripped Skinny Jeans – Mid Blue – £13
Ripped Skinny Jeans – Black – £13
False Nails – Royal – £1
False Nails – Vintage Rose – £1
False Nails – Slate Grey – £1
Multi Pack Hoop Earrings – £2

After Primark I moved onto Boots, where I had a thorough mooch around but there wasn’t anything I really needed, other than what I picked up, so I grabbed my goodies and moved on.

Maybelline Face Studio Setting Powder – £8.99 (Buy One Get Second Half Off)
Maybelline Tattoo Brow – Deep Brown – £9.99 (Buy One Get Second Half Off)

After I had purchased from Boots I grabbed a cheeky Starbucks and headed back to my car, happy with all my purchases and eager to get home and get curled up on the sofa with Ben.

I actually had a really nice day, one that would have only been better had I not felt like crap all day. But hey, I had successfully gone Solo Shopping and not spend a small fortune. I set myself a limit of £170 and came away have spend just over £100 (there are some items I purchased that are not shown above (underwear, socks, etc)) so I call that a solid win!

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx


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