First Impression Friday – Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

I very often get products that come in small little sample pots, or one use tubes and I use them up and then never talk about them, usually because I haven’t used them enough to make a proper judgement on a product..

So instead of not talking about it, I have decided to start this series. Yes, I have given it the most unimaginative name, but it forms an opportunity to talk about products, even after just one use. Which is better for everyone!

The first product I want to talk about it is the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask – Super Hydrating De-Tiring Mask


I featured this in a haul recently. It was something that I had picked up for £2 at my local Boots Store. At the time of buying it, I hadn’t given it much thought, I just saw it, saw the price and thought “Bargain!”

The mask is designed for tired skin and is packed full of Lavender Essential Oil and Hyaluronic Acid (a powerful hydrating active ingredient that is capable of holding 1000x its weight in water) to help intensively hydrate, reduce the appearance of fatigue and help relax you as you wear it.

In the pack you get one sheet mask, which easily contours to your face. It comes with a blue protective backing, and you apply it sheet side to the skin before removing the blue backing and leaving it to soak into the skin.

I will say my first issue with this mask, is the blue backing. I hated it, the eye holes on it are super tiny so it gives this illusion that the mask is the same, I applied the mask very roughly onto my skin before whipping off the blue backing and carefully adjusting the mask into place. The mask, is also freezing when first applied, which is an especially weird feeling if your in a nice warm bath with you put this on!

The packing states to leave on for up to 15 minutes. I found my skin started to burn a little after about 10 minutes so I took the mask off at that point. I have sensitive skin any way and I know better than to push a product that is causing discomfort.

After the ten minutes were up and the mask was removed, I gently pressed the remaining product into my skin and left it to soak in and dry. I finished off with my night cream and headed off to bed.

I woke up in the morning to baby soft skin. My skin was smooth, bright, plump and just so healthy looking.

I actually couldn’t get over the results after just one use of this mask. It claims one mask has a weeks worth of serum in it and I have to agree, it really does, or at the very least it has something really special in it.

Even a few days after the mask, I noticed my skin was still soft and smooth, I wasn’t needed to exfoliate with a product, and that just using my face wash and exfoliating cloth were enough to keep my skin smooth.

My make up was going on evenly and smooth, with no dry patches to cling to.

The size of the packaging makes it a really travel friendly and easy to store product, so if your going on a long haul flight, or are going to be away for a couple of days it would be great to pop one of these in your hand luggage and pop it on during the flight to refresh and hydrate your skin.

Honestly I loved this and would happily buy a dozen more of these. I would highly recommend these to anyone who either a) loves a good sheet mask or b) is in the market for a new face mask, or c) Literally anyone.

I would 100% repurchase and use again and again.

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of this new series. Let me know in the comments if this is something you want me to continue doing.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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