Why I love TKMaxx..

One of my favourite things to do is head over to my local TKMaxx store and just have a mooch around and a look through all the stuff on offer. In the past I have purchased loads from the store and even if I buy nothing, I just love looking.

Ben’s mum is the complete opposite of me, she has never been a fan. She claims it to be “like a jumble sale” and she just doesn’t see the appeal.

On Saturday evening we decided to go shopping together and one of the places at the top of my list was TKMaxx. I didn’t think she would go for it but she was surprisingly eager to go and have me show her the ropes. We had a very steady look around, we started in handbags, and moved on to the beauty section. She picked up a couple of nail polishes that she liked and then we moved onto the clothing section, before heading upstairs to the home wear section.

One of the main things I love about TKMaxx is the home wear section. Several key pieces in my home are from TKMaxx, including 3 different pieces of art work. But one of the other things I love, is that you can find some absolute bargains, and on Saturday evening, I scored the bargain of the year.

As I said, we hit up the clothing section and as I was skimming through the clearance rail I noticed a black sweatshirt, when I pulled it out I noticed it was a Karl Lagerfeld jumper with a large ‘K’ embroidered onto the chest. Now since my name starts with a ‘K’ I was super excited, it was a gorgeous jumper, super soft, and even with the ‘K’ it was simple and classic. I checked out the size against myself in the mirror and thought “yeah, that looks like it’ll fit” then I checked out the price tag and was blown away.


There, on the sleeve, was a little tag that read “RRP £150” and a little red sticker that read “£14.99”. £15, for a Karl Lagerfeld jumper? Were they kidding? I clung to the jumper the entire way around the store and after we had finished upstairs I went and paid for it, expecting for it to be some kind of a mistake, but it wasn’t. I paid just £15.

When I got home I was super giddy about it and was telling Ben about it and he was like “yeah its really nice” so I said “guess how much it retails at?” When I told him the two prices, he couldn’t believe it either.

I headed upstairs to try it on and it fit perfectly, and is so comfy!

That’s what I love about TKMaxx, you can drop on some absolutely amazing things and absolutely amazing prices! I never thought I would own a Designer Jumper, let alone a Karl Lagerfeld one, but yet, thanks to a spur of the moment shopping trip, I do!

Hope you enjoyed this post. What’s the best thing you have found in TKMAxx? I’d love to hear about it.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx


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