A Day Out At Crufts And A Doggy Haul

Hey Guys!

A few months ago Ben’s Sister Emma asked me if I wanted to go to Crufts with her and her mum. It was a mothers day gift to Ben’s mum and I was welcome to go along with them. I said yes, as it was on a Sunday (my day off) and I was eager to see what it was all about.

If you don’t know, Crufts is a dog show, held every year in the UK, where breeders and owners from around the world showcase the very best of each breed. The breeds are grouped and each day of the show focus’s on a different group (Gundog, Toy, Utility, etc). There is also a selection of stalls and different brands that go to showcase the best in food, snacks and toys for dogs along with other bits like accessories etc.

We set off pretty early and arrived about 10am, found a parking space and after a short shuttle bus ride we arrived at the main entrance. Emma went and organised our tickets as they were pre-booked and we made our way into Hall 1 of 5.

Within about five minutes I was having the best day, basically just walking around and getting to cuddle and stroke (with the owners permission) all kinds of dogs. We had chosen to go on the Sunday as this was the Utility Day and we all own Lhasa Apsos which fall into the group so Bens mum and sister were very eager to go and watch them being shown, I was just happy to be surrounded by dogs.

After a little while watching the Lhasa’s being shown we moved on and had a good look around, we stopped and ate our sandwiches and then carried on. We spent a lot of time with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels because Ben’s Mum used to own one before he sadly passed away and still has a major soft spot for the breed, and to be honest, I completely fell in love with them as well. After another hour or so of watching the dogs being shown we moved onto the shopping portion of the day.

As I mentioned, we all have Lhasa’s. Ben’s mum has Missy, who is mum to Alfie (Emma’s) and Diesel who is mine and Ben’s. Technically Diesel belongs to Ben, but since we moved in together Diesel has become very fond of me and has completely stolen my heart. Anyway, we all wanted to get a few bits for the dogs since we were there so we had a walk around the stalls to see what was on offer and what we could bring back for them.

We stopped off for a coffee and sat back by the Lhasa showing area and got talking to a breeder about their dogs and just had a general chit chat and a cuddle with the dogs before heading off for a final look around before heading home.

I honestly had one of the best days. I love the way Ben’s family have completely accepted me into the family and getting to interact with the different breeds was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Now onto the haul.

Purina Dentalife Sticks – 2 bags for £5

These are basically little edible toothbrushes that help to reduce plaque and tartar build up.

Pet Teezer Brush – £10

Made by the same company that makes the ever popular Tangle Teezer, this is the doggy version that is said to be gentler but more effective than most dog brushes. As Diesel doesn’t shed a tool like the Furminator isn’t ideal for him but this one is designed to detangle without tugging, and can also be used on wet fur.

Large Kong – £8.50 (Bag of biscuits, not picture £2.50) 

Kong’s are a thick rubber toy that can be filled with treats in order to keep your dog happy and occupied whilst reducing a dogs ability to wolf down treats. I tried this with Diesel yesterday by filling it with half a Boneo biscuit and it took him around 5 minutes to get all the biscuit out instead of around 1 minute to eat the entire thing if I just gave it him out right. Plus he seemed quite happy pushing it around trying to get to the goodies inside.

Stuffing free dog toy – £5

This type of toy is Diesels favourite to the point where he won’t really play with anything else. He has several of these long, stuffing free squeaky animals and he just loves them. They are great for tug of war games and just general chewing. Plus if they get ripped there’s no stuffing to make a mess with!

Medium Bow Tie – £6.95

When Ben and Diesel first moved in, I bought Diesel a bandanna to wear but we quickly decided that he didn’t ‘suit’ a bandanna so I went out and got him a bow tie, which definitely suited him a lot more. I was on a mission to get him a new one and we found a stall with loads of different colours and patterns. I originally picked up and payed for a lighter blue one with bones on it but after paying for it I saw this one and we all agreed that we preferred it so that nice stall owner let me swap it.

‘Nervous’ Collar – £9

Ben and I had been talking about getting one of these for a while so when I saw this at the event I knew I had to get it. Diesel is a very nervous dog, especially when there are a lot of people around (like if we take him to the seaside) and he gets very skittish. This is made worse when kids or people stop to try and pet him, he starts to cower behind us and the whole thing can we quite stressful for him so we figured is he wore something like this people might be less likely to stop, or be more understanding of his behaviours.
Fingers crossed anyway.

Bonus Diesel Picture –


So that’s all for todays post. Hope you enjoyed this slightly different style post.

If you have a dog, I would love it if you shared a picture in the comments section.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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